What the hell happened here?

  1. I came here looking for an explanation. The number of comments saying it was probably a girlfriend with a chainsaw is concerning… people actually do that? Like honestly? People are fucking psychotic.

  2. It’s a movie prop, don’t remember which movie but this post is old and usually the “this is a movie prop” comment is top. Nothing irl can realistically make lines this perfect across the entire side of the car unless it was done deliberately.

  3. My husband used to work for Enterprise and sometimes he will be assigned to the car dealership and at least a few times a week there will be someone getting their car fixed because an angry girlfriend or ex-girlfriend did something insanely terrible to their car.

  4. Looks maybe he got stuck under a semi or something? To those who chainsaw, nah lol. This is ripped from inside out.

  5. On a more realistic side, a chainsaw bar is narrow in width and would dull on contact with metal as the teeth are not hardened. Hell, the teeth dull from hitting dirt let alone high strength low alloy body panels.

  6. Art. Based on the scratches on the door pillars those windows should be fucked. This was careful and intentional

  7. Wolverine doesn't like you. On a more serious note, when your girlfriend found out you're cheating, damaging your car is a classic. She probably chainsawed it.

  8. I don't know whats going on with this car but I'm sure a chainsaw or the bucket of an excavator didn't do this.

  9. I think I saw a video of a tow truck driver going down the street hitting all the parked cars. I think this is probably what the street looked like afterward.

  10. There’s no way that’s a chainsaw… the spacing of the cuts is too even. Maybe driving too close to a parked transport with those ridiculous pointy wheel nuts?

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