I dropped my deep fat fryer on my wooden floor.. there is no god

  1. This is my nightmare along with havind a full laundry detergent spill again. I have this fryer and it holds a pretty decent amount if oil.

  2. Full liquid laundry detergent bottle spilling everywhere happened to me after I had just finished law school finals. My roommate saw me crying in the mess attempting to clean it, and she took care of it all. Still not sure how. It was that thick blue Tide.

  3. The missus spilled ours ~2 years ago and I've yet to let her live it down. As I was asleep in the other room, she quietly fell in the puddle a few times while trying to remove the evidence with bath towels. My sliding across the floor in an attempt to get a drink later kinda gave it away in the end.

  4. If you use Crisco it solidifies when it cools. It's just vegetable oil, and I've never noticed any negatives compared with other oils

  5. Could have been worse if it was on at time and dumped 180 degree oil over your legs and feet. Saw that happen as a child and it still haunts me 35 years later.

  6. When I used to work at Piggly Wiggly deli I had to scrape and clean the friers. One time I scraped too hard and my whole arm went into hot oil. The frier has been off for a while so it probably wasn't as hot as it can be and it was in there for a second but man did it suck.

  7. I knew someone that had one of those propane turkey fryers tip over and he wasn’t wearing shoes. He never walked right again.

  8. Watched my dad go to drain boiling pasta when I was like 5 the handle broke and his shins and foot skin reminded me of cheese sliding off a shitty pizza

  9. I worked in a restaurant inside a golf course clubhouse in high school, and a friend of mine worked with me. He accidentally dumped hot oil all over his arm after deep frying something, and his arm puffed up with giant boils for weeks after. I’ll never truly forget that tbh

  10. I dropped a lighter in a fryer once by accident. I was trying to fish it out with a scimmer then it started to sink to the bottom of the fryer. My friend saw it sinking and shouted “get down!” I tucked my head in and bent down right as it exploded and hot grease flew up, hit the vents and rained down on me. The worst of it hit my arms. I wasn’t burned to bad thankfully.

  11. i've been burned by a lot of shit, but IMO the worst is a melted sugar burn, like melting sugar to use on a gingerbread house. "Hey, what a fun cute project! No big deal".

  12. I remember watching the show Rescue 911 starring William Shatner as a kid and there was an episode of a toddler running and tripping on the cord of a deep dryer, it fell off the counter and the entire load of hot oil poured over that poor baby's head down to their toes.

  13. I didn't see it happen but my former boss was at a Thanksgiving dinner where they were going to deep-fry a turkey. The fry barrel tipped over and spilled hot oil all over the guy who was about to dip the turkey. They said he almost died from his injuries.

  14. It happened to my brother. He had bandages and bubbles on his legs for over a year. Now that he’s grown up though it somehow didn’t even leave visible scars

  15. When I was in boot camp I saw a soldier from another troop that had first or second degree burns on his face that lined up to the diameter of the chimney of the multi fuel ovens we used when out on exercise.

  16. People who work on cars regularly will keep cheap kitty litter around for oil spills. Professionals use something similar.

  17. This. And then after use dish soap to wash the floor. Dish soap has a degreaser in it so it will break down any oily residue left behind.

  18. 100% laminate. Not even shuffled correctly: 3rd row and 6th row (from the left) have exact same pattern and were placed on the same level.

  19. I mean, maybe in the 90s. I don’t think the three seconds it took to snap a pic using the phone in their pocket would matter to the outcome though.

  20. Honestly, I'd do the same. It's already spilt and not going to get worse in the 5 seconds it takes to take the picture. At least my friends will have something to laugh at.

  21. I mean. It's not something that happens everyday. And taking 5 seconds to snap a picture is not going to be the difference between life or death in this situation.

  22. User flour and quick, just pour out from the bag around the edge of the oil then start filling with what flour you got, the quicker you do it the quicker you are to avoid damage and its easier to clean up

  23. That floor isn't even wood. I'm looking at two boards with the absolutely identical grain pattern. Vinyl or something. But not real wood.

  24. OK Floor guy here that is not a wood floor that is vinyl plank or laminate I see how the pattern repeats. Si clean that shit up yo spray some degreaser on it and start wiping. Get to work!

  25. I agree that there is no God, but are you implying that if there was he would have intervened and prevented this?

  26. Well hold on. If OP wants to avoid an obvious stain/discoloration, I see the only solution is to drop hot oil on the rest of the floor!

  27. Yeah, so incredibly time consuming to take the phone that was likely in their pocket and click maybe 1-3 buttons lol

  28. You’ll be fine I dropped mine to years ago first thing you have to do is two Rolls of paper tower To Suk and then you use to all towers and then you wash woodworm dish soap and Mr. clean it comes right off

  29. well, at least if there does happen to be a god out there watching, take solace in the fact that you likely have him a good laugh.

  30. Were you and your way out? I would not fry stuff inside juste because of the horrid smell and possible mess. Good thing is that it’s laminate floor — panel 2 and 7 (bottom, from the left) are exacty the same print — i’ll be quite easy to clean with dish soap. Good luck!

  31. Yeah when we had a deep fryer it lived on the front porch, cause it made the house smell like peanut oil for weeks if we used it inside. Gross

  32. Not to be harsh, but drop the phone and start cleaning it up. Flour, rice, kitty litter, oil dry, anything that can soak it up would help

  33. There’s a god. He just isn’t responsible for this. If he took the time he would simply tell you to clean it up. Just like your mother. Which is why we have parents.

  34. My sweetie's boss once told a story of being at home, and dropping a gallon of honey on the ground. He said that everything slowed down, and he had time to simply think, "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to replace the carpet, aren't I?"

  35. Pro tip, pour salt over the oil to soak it up, then you can just sweep up the salt with a dustpan and brush

  36. If you have a lot of salt that's good for getting up oil. Definitely scrub it with either a degreaser or a good dish soap. Murphy's oil soap is good afterwards too.

  37. Older sister had a similar accident. Her husband threw out the fat fryer and replaced it with an air fryer. Now they have a surreal style watermark effect on their wooden floor. The fat hadn't cooled completely yet.

  38. Cat litter, the clumping kind, not the clay kind. It'll make spills like this way easier to clean so it's not quite as suck next time

  39. I really feel bad for you. I once smoked a brisket and spilled the juices all over my wood floor when I was trying to carry the tray through the kitchen. It took a few tries to get that greasy mess up.

  40. This happened to me in my old kitchen which had a tile floor. Slip and slide. It was AWFUL! Now I have an air fryer.

  41. I worked at this place called Rockies pizzeria when I was 18. Cleaning the fryers sucked. I hated feeling all Greasy and sweaty after. The worst thing that happened to me that I haven’t forgotten about is when I was taking a pizza out of the oven to fast. It feel right on my forearm cheese/sauce side. The pain sucked. I can’t imagine people who have been burned to death.

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