Imagine this being your sweat pattern every time you workout. I don’t have to imagine.

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  1. Heath grey cotton is literally the worst thing you can wear to work out in if you sweat a lot. Shows sweat more than anything else.

  2. Lol some of my running shorts are this grey-ish color and after an hour I sweat so much that it looks like I wet my pants. Kinda embarrassing if I decide to pick up a coffee or something after working out.

  3. Lol seriously. I push myself pretty hard when I go to the gym and generally sweat a lot. I wear all black workout clothes and it’s not even noticeable. Grey is probably the worst color to wear if you sweat lol

  4. I do workout at a gym. This amount of sweat only comes out when I play basketball and no one I’ve played with has said anything.

  5. That would be hilarious if a kid pointed and said “Mickey”. I have a 3 year old so I’m resonating with this.

  6. I used to sweat like this. I figured out that a big part of it was that I was using antiperspirants, it stopped the sweating under my arms and increased the amount I sweated on my chest. I switched to regular deodorant and its basically gone away

  7. I sweat really bad when I get on the stair climber. Last time I did the stair climber my entire shirt except for the hem was just soaked

  8. Don't worry, it looks like I piss myself everytime I work because all the sweat run down my chest to my shorts

  9. This doesn’t belong in this sub because this is actually amazing. Literally big pp energy. Go off, king.

  10. Looks like cotton? I suggest switching to a synthetic material designed to wick moisture off of your skin, rather than soak it up like a sponge. Also, I've never noticed visible sweat darkening on my synthetic shirts. I switched probably more than 10 years ago; they're truly superior.

  11. I'd trade that for having to pull over today on a 5 minute drive home because the sweat was dripping in my eyes so badly I couldnt see. It was 66 this morning...

  12. I need a fine print disclaimer on the bottom that says “not representative of actual products size”.

  13. Unfortunately mine is relatively similar. Years ago it started as a weirdly shaped heart but as I progressed through the years, it's gone from a busted heart to a funky weiner with a lilt lol

  14. Undershirt. After a week you won't notice the "two shirts" and you won't stain like that. I work outside now and had to make the switch to prevent the penises.

  15. I would trace that shape. Screen print the outline, then start working out and watch people watch your shirt magically color itself inside the lines

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