Assisted suicide pod approved in Switzerland. At the push of the button pod is filled with nitrogen gas, which rapidly lowers the oxygen level, Causing it’s user to die.

  1. I saw a science experiment on TV to see how long someone could remain conscious and perform tasks while deprived of oxygen. They were testing to see if some safetyechanism would work.

  2. Don’t you shit yourself when you die? Gonna add suicide pods to things I wouldn’t buy used, right under mattresses.

  3. I saw a science experiment on TV to see how long someone could remain conscious and perform tasks while deprived of oxygen. They were testing to see if some safetyechanism would work.

  4. There is a thing called an altitude chamber used by pilots and other aircrew to simulate decompression, to be familiar with the symptoms and hopefully recognize and respond while still able to accomplish tasks.

  5. Wait doesn’t the lack of oxygen in blood cause a natural fear reaction? I remember reading about a girl who was devoid of the feeling of fear most of her childhood due to an accident that damaged her brain or smt, but scientists found out that she was able to feel fear when she was deprived of oxygen

  6. (Kind of) unrelated BUT, I was in an abusive relationship and nearly strangled to death, before the lights went out I remember feeling a wave of calmness take over my body and felt like a warm, sunny feeling across my entire body like a nice day at the beach and everything went black and quiet. It was a struggle for life, and then a calmness to (almost) death where my body basically just gave way and I slipped unconscious, no fear, I didn’t feel any pain or anything just peacefully gone. I feel like it’s kind of related since i almost died due to lack of oxygen

  7. Assisted suicide or euthanasia? Sure. Death penalty? Absolute not. Why make the worst people our society has comfortable before death when they gave their victims no such thing?

  8. All these replies sound as if cancer is a choice. “Stay healthy” like that’s all you have to do to not get cancer.

  9. Good solution for specific cases. Humane methods of dying have their applications around the globe; i would for example bring these on space ships towards Mars in case things turn bad.

  10. Legalise suicide, if not people will jump in front of vehicles, jump off bridges, buildings and traumatise bystanders, piss off people because of traffic jams and huge costs for the family of the deceased.

  11. Agree for specific cases like debilitating diseases, chronic pain, etc. But next year in Canada they're gonna make it legal for people with mental illness and that just seems really bleak. I know this is an extreme but it doesn't seem socially progressive to have a suicide center down the street for someone who may be in the downswing of a bipolar episode. It also seems like a slippery slope to rid society of "undesirables". Like why can't more resources be put towards improving the lives of people instead of offering them a ride in the suicide pod???

  12. Just saying, that thing is not in use here in Switzerland. At least not yet. But we already have assisted suicide with barbiturates. A friend with leukemia choosed this way for death instead of going through the terminal stage of the blood cancer. He said "fuck this, i don't want to die in a miserable condition with a lot of pain in a hospital bed" and so, he threw a last party, had a last time with his family with a last supper and then, he went to a house on the lake in Zürich, got pentobarbital and died there peacefully and calm.

  13. No gasping for air. We breathe nitrogen anyway, so after a minute you go unconscious, then 4-5 minutes breathing just nitrogen you die. NO SUFFERING, NO HEADACHE, NO SUFFOCATION, NO PAIN

  14. I think I would prefer the method of high dose barbiturates. This is supposed to be painless, but with the other one I at least get amazing bliss before I die.

  15. Actually this is probably a better death and a sure thing to be honest with you. Unfortunately I have been asphyxiated before and I got to say it’s not so bad. You just get a little sleepy a little euphoric then you’re gone. Versus the barbiturates where you may not die but you might cause permanent damage.

  16. You watch yoo many movies. ODing on pills is not what you seem to think. It’s not as simple as feeling good and then going out. You dont just get high then fall asleep and die peacefully. You get so miserably fucked up that if youre lucky youre not aware of the puking and the awful way you feel. Depending on what you take, it can cause some wild stomach pain. If you’re unlucky, you actually notice when it becomes hard to breathe but you cant do anything about it. Taking enough to kill you is not the same as getting high at all. It is not a glamorous way to go.

  17. Or maybe narcotics? Having tried opium, and having been prescribed codeine cough medicine the high is incredible. Which is why I won’t smoke opium again…I can see why people become addicts.

  18. Why weird? Weird that as a society we are ok with helping an animal out of pain & suffering but are unwilling to accept that a humans suffering unbelievably with no chance of recovery or respite should be allowed to choose when it becomes too much

  19. “No chance of recovery or respite” is the issue here. Many times when death is wanted, there IS a chance of recovery and respite that isn’t being recognized.

  20. Agreed. Its not fair to label the plethora of those suffering as selfish or stupid for wanting to end something that won’t improve! The amount of people with MS, terminal cancer, advanced motor neurone disease, untreatable mental health conditions and many more that have to suffer and don’t get to have a say in how they die. It’s absolutely horrific that people don’t have the option to end their own lives peacefully when they clearly don’t want to keep suffering or deteriorate and those who can’t accept that need to understand that they are lucky enough to not have to fantasise about dying in order to escape from lifes cruel shit.

  21. Fun fact: survivors of attempted suicide by drowning or falling have reported that immediately after they jumped, they felt immense regret and fear, and wished they decided against it. There’s no such thing as “no chance of recovery and respite.” People don’t want to die, but the way this pod works is that it tells your brain you’re fine so you don’t actually retain the will to live that comes with almost all real suicides.

  22. “Dr. Philip Nitschke, the man behind the Sarco capsule, claims that the pods have passed a ‘legal review’ and will be available for use in Switzerland in 2022. But details of the ‘legal review’ have not been revealed. Experts consulted by Sarco have argued use of the pod falls outside of Swiss law. A number of assisted suicide organizations in Switzerland have also expressed skepticism over using the machine, and the legality surrounding it.”

  23. It would be bad in places like US where healthcare is debilitatingly expensive, poorer people may just feel pressured to neck it to save their family the cost

  24. I wouldn’t ever consider suicide, but I don’t think people should be shamed for choosing it. I’m glad they offer technology like this for people who legitimately can’t take living here. Some people just can’t, and no matter how upset their decision makes others feel, you can’t force someone to live, nor should you even want to.

  25. Idk how new this is but as far as I know they’re only for people with extreme illnesses, you have to apply and get approved depending on the severity of your illness

  26. Let me know all about “I wouldn’t ever consider suicide” if you ever get terminal stomach or bone cancer.

  27. I am not sure why this should be weird. This must be a totally normal thing! When someone has decided to calmly take his own Life he should be free to respectfully die as he pleases. Life is not a mandatory condition that someone has to accept. If you don't want to live anymore and you are fine with your decision then you are free to go.

  28. I thought it works by increasing nitrogen, you know, the gas that doesn't trigger warning reflexes. I also thought, that pod is still just art?

  29. Nitrogen, helium, argon from a gas supplier would do the trick. I've heard that helium from party stores for balloons have added O2, so it cant be used for suicides.

  30. Not sure why so many posting here have a negative view of a painless suicide. Most of us will reach a point where life consists of pain and doctor appointments. I watched as my grandfather died in the hospital of dehydration / starvation while on high dose morphine. That’s considered an acceptable method in America because technically the doctors didn’t kill him, they just withheld the things necessary for life. I’d much rather utilize this nitrogen method and be dead within a few minutes.

  31. I don’t think this is weird. It’s humane and right. Because it’s done by pushing a button from the inside, by the patient. And there’s a thorough screening, so that no one who’s not considered completely aware and in their right mind is approved. Also, it’s not just for anyone just wanting to commit suicide, it’s for terminally ill people. This is not killing.

  32. With my luck I'd break the machine simply by touching it and it would break in a way that would cripple my body and let me live in a worse way.

  33. Here's the problem with this. While I DO appreciate a need, as in people doomed to some horrible, inevitable death by some horrible, excruciating disease these and why it's necessary to permit someone to choose this, didn't we just see a case where a hopeless, depressed guy called a hotline and was referred to some assisted suicide program?

  34. absolutely...normalizing this would allow an out to health care providers..."this procedure isn't medically necessary...surely you know people your age just go to the happy pod?"

  35. It’s actually a time travel device built for conservatives. It will transport them back to a time where POCs weren’t causing problems, gays were still in the closet, and Christians were revered. Let your conservative neighbors and coworkers know about this one secret device.

  36. I mean if your old, dying and sick of this game and just tired of waiting for the reaper to kick in the door and hurry up already. Seems like a nice way to go out. Gimme 43 minutes of Dark side of the moon last trip enjoyment and turn the gas up midway through eclipse. What a way to enter the next chapter.

  37. Can I get it in red and is there another mode like at any stab or lit on fire mode and where can I get one

  38. This is good. I like this. People should have the choice to end it all in the most humane way possible on their terms.

  39. It’s all a matter of marketing. Apple would have branded this Gas Chamber Pro with Super Nitrogen XDR

  40. The aged and infirm are going to be pressured to go inside of these to save money for their insurance companies. Hospitals will encourage retirees and pensioners to go inside these when they become discouraged by how small a portion of the desired bill Medicare will pay out. Doctors will come up with euphemisms such as "It's here for your comfort" to encourage patients to enter the death pods when patients are too ill or injured to understand or resist.

  41. Thankfully those pods are not happening in America. I don’t see the Swiss medical system and families encouraging anyone to actually use those pods just to save money. Actually, people will probably be discouraged from using it.

  42. Yo. Let’s just be honest about forcing births and forcing people to stay alive: they make money on us alive, even if we have nothing. We’re already living in the dystopian world. Forced to give up our time and health in exchange for tokens that never seem to be enough or there for the times in life when we really need them. The entire system is based on exploiting resources and humans are part of the exploited resources.

  43. Unless it's a physical issue that's untreatable and causes immense pain, suicide should never be the solution. Everything else can be helped with, Switzerland appear to have given zero shits about their people

  44. Nah, it's nitrogen, not nitrous oxide. Nitrogen is in the air at low concentrations, and I think it's mostly inert.

  45. It's practically painless - the human body only feels CO2 buildup, not a lack of oxygen. As long as you can exhale, you won't feel that you're suffocating.

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