80 years later in Germany

  1. Say that nothing is fixed to the people who once couldn't leave their home , don't let the American deep south make you think that you live like Nazi Germany

  2. yeah we went from " the car wont last. the horse has served the humans for centuries and these mashines will not replace them" to " we set a man on the moon and broke the sound barrier over a intercontinetial dick mesuring contest" in less than 100 years

  3. Not all that weird, my great grandma and grandpa would be relieved to see our ancestry and beliefs be celebrated in a country where only my great grandpa came back from a concentration camp with my GG’s wedding band and engagement ring.

  4. Ok, what's with the constant resurgences of antisemitism? Looking from the outside in so to speak, you almost have to wonder if there's two legitimate sides of this? (To be clear, no I don't support nazis or anything like that, it's just a kinda weird repeating thing.)

  5. Germany isn't Israel, Jews aren't Israel nor does Israel speak for all jews. We need to learn this. Is israel doing bad stuff? I would say definitely, but that by no means makes all jews complicit in it. This event, I'm assuming, was done as a sort of "Look at how far we've come." 80 years ago, Jews were being starved, worked to death, and gassed in the exact same country. It's amazing how fast Germany has evolved past it.

  6. Right, imagine a culture going through the holocaust, horrendous atrocities, to then now taking the same play book as the nazis and using it in Israel? 'Oh the nazis did it to us so we can do it to the Palestinians!' You're the modern day nazis Israel, fuck Zionists, nazi scum

  7. Got to be ignorant to find this weird but I guess that goes for most weird things, this image just makes sense to me, nazis lost th war and Germany is doing it's best to make good of it's past.

  8. I didn't suggest that nor do I believe anybody is qualified to have an opinion on that subject. I dare say not even Rick Sanchez himself.

  9. The socioeconomic State that's ingrained as a fundamental substrate to mankinds' society and thus culture and religion is unavoidably corrupt. Irony is in that it's the very thing it attempts to correct in its claims. So much of the economic success that America has had in the past has been driven by the constant transition of cultural phenomena, if there aren't new ideas out there then there aren't new products that there aren't new products people aren't buying things and they're not making money. And that's a big part of the reason it's in big businesses best interest to promote all these ideas. They've already got a grip on the world. At that point in time it wasn't as monopolized as it was today. But every big religious leader a world leader it's got their hand in someone's pocket. So yeah they're the same picture. You just have to zoom in and look at it real close.

  10. I could give a bunch of cross-examinations and factual speculations and give a working hypothesis and going all this exaggerated Grand detail but it's f****** Reddit... Subjective and asinine regurgitation is what you'll get, and you'll like it.

  11. nah fam the nazi ideology is very much alive and kicking. its just not the "norm" anymore and it treated like some outcast selfprocllaimed political groupe that isnt taken seriously. but fromall of them they are the most powerfull in germany

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