Time to cool down

  1. Bill's is kinda cute. Elon looks like a fuckin space monster, Jack looks like a Rick and Morty extra, Jeff looks like a fucking malevolent maniac, so yeah they pretty much nailed everyone.

  2. Bet they even look weirder than they say on the package. Remember those lolli pops that were supposed to look like some face but looked like they came out of a horror movie

  3. I'm happy to live in a world where I get to enjoy freedom, a free market, and technological advances at the expense of allowing a handful of people attain mass wealth. Why does this bother people so much?

  4. First of all, how Jeff Bezos look exactly like Mr. Wonderful? Second, I've never seen such dead eyes as Ice Cream Mark Zuckerberg

  5. I’m impressed they didn’t give Jack Ma lines for eyes. We really are making progress in society, even if we don’t realize it…

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