Feeding time. Human zoo, Brussels, Belgium (1958)

  1. Yeah that time the king of Belgium (no the country) owned a colony... Forced amputations if the deadlines were not met, using tribes to oppress one another to mine more... Leopold even got denounced by other colonial empires for his atrocities.

  2. How do those people not see that this is bad. “It was a different time” only goes so far, and it ends light years before explaining THIS SHIT

  3. I am sorry to do this to you, but if you google "Belgian Kongo" you will see that what they are doing here seems kind of nice.

  4. Because they actually believed it was some different species or mutated human. Keep in mind, this is 1958, these people were school age during the 30s and 40s so it was more about war than learning. They’re running on the education of 1890

  5. No I’m pretty sure the Bronx zoo did it. Ota Benga was his name, 1906. Apparently he shot himself dead 10 years later because he was so traumatized from it

  6. Europeans are, on average, more racist than Americans. Especially Eastern Europeans. It is mostly out of ignorance, for many never see brown people for most their lives.

  7. There was as much of this in tbe USA as anywhere. Filipinos at Dreamland, Coney Island. The Savage Olypmpics, St. Louis. Congolese man exhibited in tbe Brinx zoo as 'The missing link'. All western nations are guilty of being arseholes

  8. Oppression by race. The same thing is happening now in the US. Those of African-American decent are still 2nd class citizens in parts of the country. You can see it in politics, workforce, government, criminal justice, and housing just to make a few areas. Don't forget about the hate groups like the Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, 3 Percenters, KKK, etc.

  9. I feel you. These damn congress people are the tip of the societal corruption. The whole point of colonists leaving England was to get away from kings and queens. Why is it that we have congress people that have been in office for 40+ years? It seems like they traded 1 queen for 535 kings and queens. There should be term limits on all of them. Until we fix that issue and get rid of Trump, it's going to be more of the same. I really hope Georgia will go blue this year. It would be inspirational for the South to know that we do have the power to make change a reality.

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