No seriously, STOP pissing in there. It's out of order.

  1. There is likely a drain on the ground just out of site. I would poke it and let it drain. Can’t believe they let it get to this point lol

  2. You don’t just pick up the whole thing. First, you siphon the piss out. Just stick a hose in, and get it started by sucking with your mouth and voila - piss siphon.

  3. Assuming there’s a drain in the floor, I’d just shoot it with like a BB gun from a distance and let it either pop or leak out. Then thoroughly wash the floor.

  4. Eventually this becomes a game of piss roulette where you don’t know if your turn going to be the straw that broke the camels back and soaks your shoes with 300 different dudes piss

  5. I just love that every valiant motherfucker that went up and pissed in that was like “Betcha I can do it without it bursting,” but there was, eventually, someone that lost the bet and came out covered in SO many other people’s piss.

  6. It seems like a twisted frat challenge, piss til someone rips it then you get the shame and have to clean it up. Really disgusting 🤮

  7. That’s what I’m saying yk how close you’d have to be to piss in that, you’d fall over from the smell for sure lmao

  8. Honestly, it still beats a bucket full of liquid shit due to a faulty sewer ejector pump. Just shop vac it out to a drain or toilet that still works.

  9. True story, I worked at a very busy 7-Eleven for 4 years (it was right off 95) and one day the toilet in the men's room stopped flushing. But it was a Saturday of a holiday weekend and men continued to go in and out of that bathroom for several hours before one single gentleman told me that the toilet wasn't working.

  10. I was in a pub ( I'm Ireland based) on Christmas eve and somebody had taken a dump in a urinal. Janitorial / Custodial jobs are probably one of the jobs where you witness literally the shittiest of human behaviour.

  11. Imagine being the custodian responsible for cleaning that up. Do the people who do things like this just not understand or not care that a real life human being just like them will have to go behind them and clean this up?? Disgusting people

  12. You can also blame building management for creating such a ridiculous situation. Like just block off the urinal completely. Humans will always be humans. Leave a bag covering and loads of dudes drunk or not will find it hilarious to still piss there.

  13. Every time someone pees in that bag it’s like playing russian roulette. Will you be the one to finally put enough pee in it for it to rip and get all over your shoes and legs?

  14. Thoughts and prayers for the poor janitor who has to resolve this. How to take out the bag without it breaking? Leave it in there to evaporate naturally over time? Get a siphon pump and transfer the accumulation to a solid container?

  15. You can’t tell a dude where he can and can’t pee in the public toilet, he’s just gonna go fucking everywhere like a dickhead

  16. At this point it's a game. Piss in the bag and risk it finally bursting, or get the satisfaction of knowing you added to the piss that'll one day drown some unlucky sod in a torrential flood of peepee juice.

  17. Can’t be real lol. Half full of piss from a whole bunch of different men and it would be unbearable to stand close enough to piss in

  18. Restrooms in public areas can really get nasty. I was going to say that this photo was from a truck stop as truckers are notorious for pissing in bottles and then throwing the bottles out wherever they stop.

  19. I wouldn't want to be in that bathroom at all. For one, it clearly isn't cleaned much, but also I'd fear that bag bursting and releasing gallons of piss. There's no outrunning that.

  20. I wouldn’t want to be there when that shit bursts. Hope it does so on the first asshole who started pissing in the bag.

  21. Back in the frat days dudes used to do this and make the freshman clean it (I was one of the freshman at one point) lmao good times. I hope this isn’t a public restroom but it’s probably a frat lol

  22. Like is anyone hydrated? That’s close to kidney failure colour lol 😂 also, this is nothing. I work in a group home 🤷🏻‍♀️

  23. 😂😂😂😂😂 I would throw a dart at that bag while standing at the door. Once it’s popped I’d run out and lock the door from the outside

  24. At that distance, the photographer would be dead of radiation poisoning in... oh, wait, that's not Chernobyl...

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