11b secret clearance?

  1. You would have been interviewed during OSUT and had an attachment with your paper work going to your unit. Back in ‘05 it was a Disk. I don’t know what it would be now. I was given one to go to old guard but opted out of it before basic was over. My DD 214 doesn’t say anything in it about having one so I don’t know if that’s a thing. It’s not an award or medal.

  2. Went in 18X-> 11B in 2012, never had any of these interviews everyone else is talking about, my ERB always said I had secret clearance. Still have never seen any paper trail about a background check/ investigation.

  3. It’s on your erb I have one and I’m a plain old 11b aerosol. If you have any copies saved on your computer or some hard copies laying around it’s near the top next to your name and rank. Something to the effect of CLNC: SEC.

  4. If you were given a secret clearance it is valid for 10 years after it was activated. It's not going to be stated on your paperwork anywhere. But if it was less than 10 years ago its still valid.

  5. PSI information is on your ERB in section 2 "security data" or if they have their whole file it should contain a SF 312 that shows you agreed to not divulge secret or higher info. Also they may have the original copy or a copy of the SF 86 that authorized investigators to do their clearance review during their enlistment for their security clearance application.

  6. I was in a regular unit and almost everyone had one, except dudes that went through divorces and had messed up finances

  7. Typically you would have only needed a clearance if you were an RTO or dealing with comsec. 11B’s don’t need a clearance otherwise.

  8. Came in 2016 recently separated and had a secret clearance in basic your recruiters are “supposed” to make sure you have one🤷‍♂️

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