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  1. It's like that scene from Pirates when Keira & Johnny slowly pull an arsenal from their dressing, pretty comically too I might add..

  2. Yeah, this. There's no damn way that kid could just walk around with that many guns shoved down his pants. At the very least, he'd be walking super funny and look suspicious af.

  3. More like takes one step and his pants fall off because how oversized they are and there's about a solid 6" difference in waist size without all the guns.

  4. I can see the upcoming republican campaign now: "guns aren't the problem. Cloths are the problem. All school children should be nude at all times!."

  5. I like your response better than mine. I just added he wasn’t even wearing an under layer to hold it. Boxers don’t count.

  6. Didn't walmart have a back to school sale and guns were discounted and I saw an image of a gun case saying something like ,Be the Hero, or something

  7. And here I am wondering who the hell makes a durable clear backpack for my daughter to haul her trauma kit to school.

  8. My school is probably the worst safety violation on the planet, no backpack restrictions, almost no dress code (but it often goes for less clothing), and open campus.


  10. ...I'm supposed to believe he walked to school with all that shit and wasn't constantly spilling fire arms all over the place?

  11. It was a good way to promotes hating people who dressed differently. What are they hiding in there?! Sunglasses- what are they behind there?! Long beards- what are they hiding in there?! Hairstyles and turbans- what are they hiding in there?!

  12. That was the one that got me too. If someone pulled a derringer on me, I’m not sure I’d be able to take them seriously.

  13. And then he pulls out a dildo and everyone‘s like: „Woah woah woah, Kevin. Easy bro. Thats really dangerous. Put your hands where I can see em“

  14. That’s it?!? That’s all he has to fight against the demons in his head?!? Where’s the rocket launcher?! Where’s the other 6 grenades?!? The kid isn’t showing you everything...

  15. A kid in my class went to a shooting range the night before. He came to school the next morning and realized he left his shotgun in his truck without a case. So to not get trouble, he hid it down his pant leg all day. He walked a little like a pirate, but no one noticed till he showed a couple of us and told us the story. That would’ve been like 09’-10’.

  16. Oh gosh this was in the 90s when us teachers all became the “tuck in your shirt” police. The person who demonstrated it at our school was a cop, he pulled about 50 weapons out of his clothes. His shirt was tucked in. I mentioned this to our principal but he didn’t want to hear it. Obviously tucking those shirts in was going to eliminate weapons from getting in. I hated enforcing that rule.

  17. Or, and hear out on this, have armed guards and staff. Nearly all mass shootings happen in gun free zones

  18. Right up until the shotgun came out, yeah. Most states have Concealed Handgun Licenses. They don’t cover concealed carry of rifles, shotguns, or NFA firearms (SBRs, SBSs, fully automatic, AOWs). You can conceal a suppressed handgun though, if you can figure out where to hide the extra ~8 inches of can.

  19. Here's a nifty idea ,how's bout you don't sell guns or make it really hard to get a license and no handgunslike I dunno most of the world, you can't even buy a handgun here and we have zero shootings,we just have punch ups when it's time to throw down

  20. I saw at least one cut in that video. I Still kinda agree with what's being said could help, although I will always be supporting individuality and freedom of expression first. It's not a clothing issue to start with, find the root cause and begin there...

  21. They show this video when I was in high school (2005). So I asked the teachers. How did he walk? I'm sure he can't carry all of that in. I got suspended for one day.

  22. You carry all that….when you can just carry one .500 Smith and Wesson magnum revolver…damn…I’m just disgraced that a powerful handgun in this world is seen just as a pea shooter

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