Mister Rogers Reaction to Being Pranked

  1. Michael Keaton worked on Mr. Roger's show before his acting career took off and has said in interviews that some of the crew in the beginning were real asshole bullies towards Mr. Rogers. Something about him being effeminate etc. He was also bullied as a kid and called fat freddy. He still remained true to himself and a beautiful person and taught so many that being empathetic and gentle is a good thing. People can really suck.

  2. If only you knew what "have a happy lunch" meant. Guy was sick. That was a big mistake Jimmy. Hope your family was worth it.

  3. I m et him in Boston while he was getting into a car outside the PBS station. I was in uniform on duty as a paramedic and he came over to tell me I was special and important and to thank me for being a good person. It was so genuine and real. He then apologized for not being able to spend more time with me as he had to be somewhere. For reference, I was at least 50 feet away from the door and he made an effort to come over to me. I was just pulled over on the side of the road in the shade am waiting for a call.

  4. Thank you for sharing. You are a very special and important person, and thanks for being so good! I’m not surprised he was able to see your joy and love from 50 ft away :)

  5. Honestly, just try your best to be good to others, even if it's a small gesture. You don't know who's having a shitty day, and even something such as holding a door open, or wishing somebody a good evening has helped me cheer up on bad days

  6. The little bit you can do in the short time you may have left would leave you just as happy. It's not about how nice you could have been for all those years.....it's more about how many opportunities and chances you have to be nice and leave people in awe every minute of every day.

  7. I....love...this. He helped me be ok when I was a wee lass watching him, I felt like he actually cared about me, and you know, I still believe he probably did care about all the lonely Littles tuning in for his valuable lessons.

  8. He definitely did care about all of us. That's a fact. Man had a heart the size of the solar system, and we were all living there with him. I miss him greatly.

  9. Mr. Rogers would be so disappointed in the state of the US. Oh, he wouldn’t yell, he would just sternly tell us that we are not being good neighbors and that alone would make us feel shame.

  10. its so nice to see that a celebrity who does act nice in alot of stuff is actually as sweet and wholesome as they are on stage. kind of like mr beast he is a really cool guy on and off camera.

  11. Reddit is wonderful... one video I see a girlbitting another girl vagana ... and right in the next video mister Roger being pranked...only on reddit

  12. Totally thought he was going to get airbagged as he sat down and we would see his body go lifeless doll mode as it flopped to the ground

  13. A good prank. I wonder how he would react if it was a modern YouTube style prank where someone gets injured or has their property destroyed.

  14. I love how he puts on his shoes. It's sad there aren't more shows like this for kids now more than ever is when we truly need some of Mr Rogers kindness.

  15. I was hoping he would just blow up and be an insane person. Would be extremely funny but idk if he’s twisted enough for that.

  16. Regardless of the validity, I will always believe the myth that Mr Rogers was a former Marine, and had to wear long sleeves to hide his INSANE amount of tattoos. And that the show was his way of coping with the things he did while in the service.

  17. “ whose are these? jimmy’s ?? Jimmy , now you know it’s not nice to play pranks on your neighbors . Sleep with your windows shut and one eye open Jimmy”

  18. They’re lucky they didn’t pull that gag when he was a Marine sniper. None of them would have lived to tell the story.

  19. He's such a good man. I wish I could be like him, but I'm so full of anger... Hurt... Sadness... I hope my kids like me when they grow up. I hope they know I tried my best.

  20. The fact that he had such a skilled jazz pianist running the score for his show... he didn't need to do that. He just did it because he wanted things to be so above and beyond. Because he knew it would add to the show, and because he knew most people underestimated kids' abilities to enjoy it.

  21. Any time I see him now I think back on watching Won’t You be my Neighbor ? and the ending when you had to be quiet and think of someone important to you… omg… the amount of sobbing in that theatre.

  22. Yea or a green beret or something - I can’t remember exactly what he really did before the show but I believe it was either writing childrens books or a youth pastor - basically tho the real mr rodgers was still mr rodgers minus the land of make believe.

  23. When I was a kid, I heard the same thing, and that he always wore sweaters due to being covered in tattoos. Funny stuff.

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