He got his eyes on the prize! (Credits @Luke tiktok)

  1. It's funny because I used to work at a resort by the same name. Staff was encouraged to "socialize" with guests off the clock. Not uncommon

  2. there was another video like this where it showed them (not the person in the OP) carrying their disabled sister / mother.

  3. I worked with old people once. They would TOTALLY fuck him if given the chance. Old people are just like everyone else, they’re just older.

  4. Maybe it's just because I've watched too many movies, but it seems like he's a wholesome guy and the older women get a bit of eye candy as a result of his working out. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  5. Yeah really, I feel like having an attractive face regardless of physique makes it easier than having an ugly face and no physique. I’m guessing here because I have both an ugly face and no physique lol

  6. I did deliveries for Jimmy John's for a little while and there was a retirement home that would order from us relatively often. The women living there would call me handsome and compliment me in just the sweetest way. Nothing creepy or overt. It was nice.

  7. Lmao my gym rat brother works at an old folks’ home and this video is him to a tee 😂 ALL of the residents treat him like he’s their favorite golden child, they always go on about how handsome and strong he is. Once he let it slip he is a single dad to small kids, fuck, it was over.

  8. I worked with a retirement facility for a couple of months as a CNA. I was helping out at dinner and was given a specific woman to take care of. She was very hip and with it, very chatty and could be catty at times. I had to step away to encourage another woman to eat but she wasn’t having it. Returned to first woman and she outright asked me and my coworkers “Not much luck with the ladies, huh?”

  9. Worked as a barista, there was a group of older women meeting there every Thursday, first time they came there after I was hired they specifically requested that the "handsome boy" brought their orders. They were the cutest.

  10. I remember working as a waiter in my 20’s and I was in shape, there was a group of women in their late 30’s to mid 40’s who always requested me to be their server. I always loved taking care of their table. It was nice to be appreciated and the tip was always stellar. Never got propositioned, they just loved talking

  11. See if everybody could at least be cute about their flirtation/objectification it wouldn't bother me so much. It's when they make it creepy, sexist, and grabby that it makes me angry.

  12. When I went to the US 25 years ago I could make American grannies cream with my British accent. I didn’t have to go to the gym.

  13. You hear about young women who marry wealthy seniors for expectation that they won't live very long and they will inherit everything. I guess the same could hold true for young men.

  14. I am a 27 year old hearing instrument specialist, 90% of my patients are over the age of 65. This video is a very accurate representation of my life lol.

  15. Mom lives in a very expensive retirement village. I went to eat dinner with her and her friends. There was a table of 8 octogenarians all enjoying life. Well, those ladies so over tipped the young servers that it has made me rethink my career path. Mom said they always tip well for those who provide exceptional service. When my mom’s group comes in, everyone rushes over to help!

  16. Fucking 5D chess here, as ladies his age can see he's fit and respectful of his elders in one short video.

  17. "Mmm, I've had older. When you're young, it's all filet steak, but as the years go by, you have to move on to the cheap cuts. Which is fine with me, because I like those. More flavorful, or so they say." -M. Gustave

  18. I relate to this an awful lot. I’ve always conformed my behavior and choice of clothing and language so that if an old lady walks by, she’ll always have hope for the youth.

  19. Compliments from older women during my weight loss is one of the best parts. Not the demographic I was going for, but nice.

  20. Its so sad to see even grandma on the right cant go for a swim in the ocean without getting stuck in a plastic beer can holder, please recycle people.

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