AT&T Fiber - recommended setup for 2022

  1. I ran for years with IP Passthrough with no issues (no NAT issues, VPN, port forwards, etc) but took advantage of WPA Supplicant when I became aware of it because I could. I have an old Arris NVG599 and ER-4 and it survives reboots, power outages, etc.

  2. Also for what it’s worth - I’ve had the same IP address for over a year now. Standard service, I don’t pay anything for a static IP.

  3. The xgs Ont your mention - is that the azores one? Closely following a discord to see if it works.

  4. Have you come across anyone with a model number for an ONT SFP stick that works with the UDM Pro?

  5. Just put the AT&T gateway in IP Passthrough mode, which gives your router the public IP, and be done with it.

  6. Up voted because I just found out that TDS is rolling out fiber in my neighborhood in the next 12 months. I have cable now with my UDM Pro and it's been rock solid. But 2Gig symmetric service is too good to pass up.

  7. Why not just use IP Passthrough? I just turn off all other features and just use it as a dummy ip providing device.

  8. FWIW I’ve used the WPA supplicant method on a USG3 for 2 years with no issues. It’s survived reboots, power outages, services outages (these are rare), firmware updates, ONT reboots, etc.

  9. IP passthrough is a safe way to do it, but its not really a true bypass. Your next hop from the ubi router is going to be the gateway's local subnet (192.x.x.x). Your ubi will get the WAN IP, but for purposes of your ubi being on the edge of your network, its not. The GW will still be on the edge of your network. Not sure if I would call it a true bypass. And then there is the thing with the NAT table getting full. May not happen to you in your home setting. The only true way to do it with a ubi router is the eap-proxy method IF you end up with a bgw210 GW. Has worked like a charm for over 2 years. I am getting 940/940 up and down. The GW will have to be on one of the router ports so that the eap auth packets get forwarded and the response routed back to the ATT servers. Mine has been SOLID for over 2 years. My next hop after the local subnet GW is ATT's GW for the WAN IP. Not sure I would go back to IP passthrough.

  10. I got my AT&T Fiber install this year with a BGW320 ONT Gateway (all in one). Checked Reddit and other AT&T related sites, you won't be able to bypass that gateway (or at least all the websites I searched do not have a working method).

  11. Unsure I thought it was an excellent question. I'm in the same situation but with UDM SE already. Its a local fiber company and they just use a converter from fiber to ethernet. I'm curious if I can go fiber straight into my UDM

  12. Just curious... has anyone upgraded their connection to 2 gig or 5 gig yet? And, if so, how did that change your setup?

  13. I have the 2gig. I get something like 2.3 to 2.4gig from over provisioning. I have a UDMP-SE and 24-POE-Enterprise that has the 2.5gig RJ45 ports. I dropped 2.5gig network cards in my PC and Server to leverage the speeds on one client but in reality I got the 2gig because I have pre-teens and and their friends so there’s usually always iPads, phones, gaming consoles streaming something, downloading updates, etc I wanted to be sure that those 1gig uplinks wouldn’t saturate the full internet when I was doing my own thing.

  14. Curious as well. I only ordered the 1gb because I'd need to spend another $1000 just to take advantage of more, but I'm going to ask the installer if the equipment would be any different had I ordered the 2gb or 5gb.

  15. Yeah if you mess with the new gear, it’ll lose its WAN. This makes any work around pretty much obsolete. We just built in a new community with the new rollout. As others have said, pass through, and forget about it. I have a tunnel setup with no issues as well. You’re at the bay of the equipment they support unless you attempt getting business service in your home and get one of them older splits they still use.

  16. Had 1G fiber for several years now. Have separate ont and pace gateway. Was using dumb switch method for a while but last year it became unreliable. Went back to dmz+ behind the pace gateway and found out it was awful when I run p2p traffic like torrenting, even behind a vpn. Asked ATT for a bgw210 but they gave me another pace gateway, and defective one too.

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