Games that you admired for going off the rails

  1. Bloodborne's such a good example. I think I would have loved it regardless but the gradual ramping up of increasingly Eldrich enemy types and aesthetic/thematic elements is so good and the post-Rom world state recontextualising the areas you've already visited by recalling the Amygdalas everywhere? Perfection.

  2. Uncharted 1 blew my mind first playthrough, because none of the marketing I saw featured zombie Spaniards. That level in the U-Boat was like something out of a horror game, and I think it's great.

  3. Oh, that's a great pick. I played Uncharted having seen no marketing, etc. and that section really scared me as a kid. I say kidm. I was like 15. I just didn't watch or play much horror stuff at that point so I was an easy mark for it.

  4. Or the sequel to said game being full of information about Cajun and creole cooking, as well as having a nice (though challenging) bowling minigame, and skateboarding

  5. watching Tom Clancy's Rainbow Team get turned into the GI Joes run by a team therapist with cartoonish technology was pretty amazing to see in real time.

  6. It also hit the Overwatch problem hard of the story playing out glacially slowly and always feeling like a lead up to a payoff that never comes. They FINALLY pivoted to the story being about actual operations in-theatre two seasons ago and its already a lot more interesting.

  7. Man Saints Row 2022 had the perfect opportunity to bring that back in the LARPing story but instead we just got a car with cardboard decorations taped to it.

  8. Saints Row IV starts out drawing on as much straight warfare and COD imagery as they can only to then go "Climb this nuke while Aerosmith plays!".

  9. At the point we are with Yakuza, Kiryu can come in at 54 years of age with silver KPop hair in a teaser and everyone accepts that this is wacky shit but pretty much on brand.

  10. I just want to know why he has that hair. Are they going to pull the same Ichiban bit with him? Is that just how he likes his hair now? What is it?

  11. The wackiest bit that PS2 Yakuza 1 had was the black brothers who thought the Doctor was racist and left there other bro to die, when really he was just passing a kidney stone and passed out.

  12. Danganronpa V3. What a way to blow the franchise up, guns blazing, so you don't have to make more sequels.

  13. The moment I stopped seeing Danganronpa V3 as a mystery game and more as a self-hating-parody that wanted to just absolutely blow itself it went from meh to pretty great.

  14. Then your creator/surrogate dad tries to creep on you and you throw him into the next zone and start the whole thing all over again.

  15. Hylics isn't a game that goes off the rails, it's more like you wake up on a train not knowing how you get there and finding out it's already not on rails.

  16. Terra Invicta is like two different entirely different 4x's strapped together and while I'm finding it's extremely bloated, incredibly obtuse, and occasionally boring I cannot help but admire it.

  17. ok I've only played 1, wtf happens in a co-op monster hunter like shooter to make it go off the rails?

  18. Dragon's Dogma. The game is "normal" 95% of the runtime, and then the ending pulls the rug on you, and introduces this lovecrafitian narrative, and purposeful or not (they had budget limitations), I finally understood how it felt to be in the Berserk's eclipse

  19. Pokemon Colosseum starts off with you blowing up your old hideout, and proceeds to have you steal Pokemon that have been so abused that they turn into psychopaths. And that's not including how scummy and shit the Orre region is. Blew my tiny kid brain.

  20. Not to mention Pokémon XD’s intro cutscene literally has an incident of mass murder in it

  21. Also the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon made the bold choice to have you and your partner spend a fair amount of time getting

  22. This is like, most of what I admire about Danganronpa. It's chock full of insane, objectively bad decisions, but it's willingness to just throw everything in and it's refusal to confirm to common game standards is what I love about it.

  23. That's pretty apt. The first Kaiju encounters and giant robots definitely swerve things a bit on top of that.

  24. unfolding games - Frog Fractions chief among them - are this by definition. my favourite one was A Dark Room, which begins as an extremely minimalist clicker game (in a time before the genre was invented and idle clickers didn't exist), but slowly unveils new mechanics and worldbuilding.

  25. That one GBA game from back then, Sims: Bustin Out. I though it'd be a standard Sims-like with like, boring side quests and the usual fluff.

  26. Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal which I didn’t think was physically possible for a game based on a soldier killing demons in hell.

  27. i could not give a single fuck about the actual yakuza/main plot stuff in yakuza/like a dragon. The fun stupid bullshit is what im there for

  28. I absolutely adore the stupid silly stuff in Yakuza 7 but like the main plot and the Japanese politics stuff is also super interesting. Idk how that turns you off lol.

  29. Even though Danganronpa 2 had the worst writing in the series, it had a lot of batshit ideas that kept increasing at the game went on.

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