Reflecting on the PS5, Two Years In: We Bet It’s Pretty Nice

  1. I’m desperate for Spiderman 2, but I imagine that’s coming to PC too at some point and I don’t really care about most of Sonys catalogue otherwise.

  2. I feel for you. Mine is hobbling along, but both of its controllers are malfunctioning. Told myself I would hold out for whatever the ps5 pro is, but I’m starting to realize it’d be just as hopeless finding one of those in stock.

  3. I recently got a Switch and the dang thing mesmerizes me, but I feel for you on the PS4. My PS4 has all my fighting games on it, all the Devil May Cry’s, and 3 main line Yakuza I have yet to play. A lot of those games I bought for $5 dollars a pop. The switch is fantastic but I have 2 games on it (Monster Hunter Rise and Bayonetta 2), I’ll have 3 in October when Bayonetta 3 comes out, and I likely will not have another game on for awhile cause Nintendo games just never go down in price.

  4. Got a PS5. Having new hardware makes me want to play stuff that shows it off. So far, nothing has really wowed me. Most games look nearly as good on PS4.

  5. I really like that it takes like two seconds to reload when I die in a game. They also pull of some really cool set pieces in Rift Apart that would likely make my computer chug because they can stream assets so quickly. That's about it!

  6. Kinda a chicken and egg situations. I kinda doubt the new Horizon and God of War was meant to be cross-gen, considering how much Horizon makes the PS4 chug. It was really a perfect storm for the Switch, with the Pandemic and the Chips issue that massively slowed the momentum of the “next” console generation. If Spider-Man 2 is cross-gen, then I think it’s basically confirmed that they had to scale-back games a bit to make sure they’d have access to the market of people literally unable to buy PS5s.

  7. Sony straight up invited me into a queue to buy one and even getting there on time I would’ve had to wait an hour.

  8. Crazy to think that the groundbreaking technology in it is 2 years old now. I wonder how much more powerful it would have been if it had been released this year instead.

  9. They're starting to be more common though? I got one from my local gamestop and saw a few on the shelves from time to time afterwards.

  10. Yeah but, who cares now. The thing has like 5 games worth buying, three of which are/have come to PC, and the other is a remake of a game that already existed.

  11. It's not even hard to get anymore, I can only speak for the US. Its just a meme at this point. I have bought 6 of them at this point for friends and family. (They paid me back lol)

  12. I'm basically using it more as a super PS4 cause it fixes alot of my gripes with how slow the base PS4 is. Despite there not being many games pushing the console right now, I'm honestly glad that most games released nowadays run buttery smooth on PS5.

  13. Yeah I played all my games on my PS4 anyway (generally, i still play exclusives elsewhere) so why not buy the best version of it? It's not like I'm going to not use it.

  14. Can you transfer all your digital games, save data, screenshots, files etc from a PS4 to a PS5 like you can between PS4 model?

  15. Yep, you don't even have to redownload anything. You can transfer directly from PS4 to PS5. If they're connected over Ethernet (and you can achieve this by plugging them into each other without going through your router if the PS4/5 lives in a part of your house only connected via Wifi), it'll transfer all your games in like, an hour or two.

  16. Finally managed to force one onto one of my friends (Can’t refuse my generosity when it’s a wedding gift, you nerd). Now, to somehow shove a third one onto another friend. No marriage or birthday coming up, so I’mma need to be crafty.

  17. Yeah pretty much. At least it doesn't have any amazing exclusives so I'm not worried about missing it. Or I'll wait for a big price drop

  18. It really says something that I did have enough money to attempt to get a PS5 if I wanted to but I opted to get a PS4 pro instead lol

  19. Eh, it’s okay. So far the only game I’ve played on it is the Demon’s Souls Remake. There’s a few cool releases on the way too, but still, eh.

  20. Honestly between all the consoles that are currently out there. I haven't been impressed by the PS5, like... While I've only played one game on the PS5 that was a PS5-exculsive, (Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart) I still wasn't impressed and with the other games on PS5 I was either not interested in, or is on PC so why should I buy it for a console that can be hard to find and way too expensive. (Even before the price hike.) Like with other two options are much better deals than the PS5 and brings things to the table that the PS5 just doesn't, like Switch has some beautiful titles & is portable and the Xbox Series XS has great backwards compatibility (Greatly expanding the library of available titles) and Game Pass. (If you're interested in that)

  21. Oh man. Is Sony going to release the PS6 before people even had a chance to get the PS5? Console cycles are only like 5 years right?

  22. GameStops get a shipment every month in the states. We usually have them for a couple of days before they sell out. If you can get to a px on base they get a shit ton of them

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