Tokusatsu series that you are really fond of?

  1. I freaking love kamen rider w my first dive into tokusatsu and what a great one!. I'm so happy the anime adaptation of fuuto pi is good.

  2. Jetman was apparently the "Welp, Sentai is done for. Might as well go out with a bang" season where they were free to just toss expectations out of the water and explore it as a scifi drama.

  3. Definitely the Garo series. The first Tokusatsu I ever watched and got hooked on. Super rad choreography, amazing suits and very interesting use of cgi (while still super jarring, like always). If DMC was a Tokusatsu show it's Garo, and boy does it need more recognition on the west.

  4. And though it not live-action, my favorite Garo series would probably be the animation. Leon was the best protag.

  5. I wish I could legally watch Garo past the Makai Senki season and that the live action Patlabor sequel series hadn't been a bitch to find subs of.

  6. Garo Garo Garo just absolutely the raddest shit and deserves to be in the conversation as much as Ultraman Kamen Rider and Sentai

  7. Of the Super Sentai series I've watched, I have pretty high praise for Shinkenger (the one that's partly a samurai drama in modern day), Go-Busters (the one with the excellent mecha battles), ToQger (the one with the best villain team and IMAGINATION), and both seasons of Akibaranger (the one that's as official a parody as you could get).

  8. For whatever reason the ancient sentai series Sun Vulcan is one of my favorites, partly because when my group watched it back in 2013 or whatever part of the joke was singing along to the theme song and getting absurdly hype for little reason which turned out to be really fun and a good way to make me love this silly silly series

  9. Ryukendo was the first full on japanese tokusatsu series i watched, 8 years old me was so hyped i once broke a part of my bed by jumping so much on it.

  10. I wish any Tokusatsu got legally licensed in the UK so I could have an opinion. Not just the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers that I am too young to connect to.

  11. Ultraman Z is amazing. One of the best modern Tokusatsu shows in recent years. Doubly so if you're familiar with Orb, Geed, and the Zero related movies which are also great in their own right and have returning characters in Z but are not 100% necessary to enjoy Ultraman Z.

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