How is the TV show Prison Break?

  1. First season was amazing. Second season's pretty good too. Then the rest is... well just fucking dumb.

  2. I enjoyed the first couple seasons back when it aired but I was like 14 and bored without cable if that means anything to you.

  3. I recently watched the whole series. This is pretty true. It starts strong but eventually becomes weaker with each season later season. With that being said it is still enjoyable in a kind of goofy TV kind of way where the later episodes get kind of silly with TV cliches. Another funny thing is how I realized that the flash ended up bec9ming like a reunion for the two main characters.

  4. Watch the first two seasons, then imagine your preferred ending. And in all fairness the last two aren't godawful, they're just massive steps down from the first two, and also a different show. (1 & 2 are Gritty Stupid Prison Drama, 3 & 4 are basically the A Team if instead of being elite military operatives, all the superheroes were just convicted felons.)

  5. Every so often I go back to look up gintama titles and laugh again "women who ask what's more important, work or me? Deserve to get a German suplex". Yes that is the actual name of a song on the ost album

  6. I feel that the first 2 seasons are the best. But then you love (or hate) the characters so much that you want to know what happens next. So you end up watching all seasons! It’s an amazing show. Definitely worth watching.

  7. I hear it’s good up until they break out of prison the first time. Then they have other, more elaborate and/or metaphorical prisons to break out of and it becomes less engaging.

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