How would you want Curb Your Enthusiam to end?

  1. I hope it ends the exact same way as Seinfeld, but make it this whole meta ending as Larry David doubles the fuck down on the whole concept despite people not liking it.

  2. I kinda hope he has a funeral episode planned out after he dies where the characters are just “kinda eh” about the whole thing.

  3. Larry has an old pair of sweatpants that has a worn out elastic band. He wears it in spite of it always falling around his ankles. After being annoyed of being compared to teenagers, he decides to go to a middle school to confront a group of teens and tell them off.

  4. Go all out. End it by advancing time a million years and it’s just Larry, last human being alive on earth, wandering the ruins of New York. And he’s never been happier.

  5. I think the perfect ending would be kind of the inverse of that, mainly because in the shows universe Larry isn't really a bad guy, yeah he's a dick but he usual has a somewhat fair stance or is in a situation where regardless if he's in the right he will look kind of shitty.

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