1. And now we know this is also a bannable offense. Use at your own risk if you have social media or stream.

  2. It really sucks but I can understand why. It's not like WB "owns" Wonder woman, but (Edit: they do actually) she's probably covered under the same protections as the others when it comes to preventing drastically altering their character designs in ways that haven't been approved, so Multiversus is likely legally required to crack down on that for brand image reasons.

  3. I will always say that Darwyn Cook's take on Wonder Woman should be her default DC bible design. She's built muscular and broad shouldered and a head taller than Superman, which all makes sense for an Amazon who's been training all her life as a warrior.

  4. Kinda weird they'd use two different skins to demonstrate this. Like, the outfit has nothing to do with it.

  5. That because it's based on the 2001 animated series. Wonder Woman was always pretty wiry until recently.

  6. In fact, the top two mods for the game have Wonder Woman step on the player and the other has her be the big spoon while announcing to the player that they are "so very warm".

  7. They banned the mods that made Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn super fat and are now trying to rewrite history

  8. I feel like I always imagined WW as more extremely toned/well defined muscle wise than actually buff, a DEX Fighter not a STR Fighter that's Superman's thing.

  9. Every now and then something happens that makes me think Woolie is actually the lowest ranking member of the secret cabal that controls the world. He's not allowed to influence economics or politics but he has sole control over anything that has to do with internet pop culture.

  10. Laaaame, that's not buff that's just thicc. More of a powerlifter physique. Call me when they mod in some definition on those muscles.

  11. Man, that's a nice palate cleanser compared to western RPGs always having a mod to "fix the ugly faces" (give all the women fashion magazine faces with lots of makeup)

  12. Any game that bans for mods like this i have less than no interest in playing. If league of legends is fine with that kind of thing everything should be

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