What exactly is Spiderman's weakness?

  1. Symbiotes since they don’t trigger his Spider-Sense, Mysterio’s green fart gas, Norman Osborn’s mere existence, financial stability, and comic editorial.

  2. It's not just symbiotes period, irs venom and any offspring of venom due to the extended period of time that spidey was bonded to venom. Symbiotes don't don't innately work around his spider sense

  3. As far as I know he doesn't have any glaring weaknesses that you can take advantage of. Not like Superman and Kryptonite anyways.

  4. When regent steals miles' spider powers they launch two attacks at once against him- because the spider sense only warns against danger and not multiple sources of danger- so regent dodges the first attack but gets hit by the second

  5. I do remember his Spider-Sense can be overwhelmed. His stamina isn’t over-the-top, I mean it’s still superhero level but he can’t exactly fight for days at a time without needing a break. He also still needs to eat and drink. As has been mentioned he also loves his family, but Norman Osborn has also found he acts the same when trying to defend regular citizens that he doesn’t know.

  6. Spider-man's not as durable as you'd expect, if that's what you mean. He heals very fast, but a normal human being can still lay him out with a baseball bat or a knife. Characters like Doc Ock, Scorpion, Venom, Rhino, and Electro can severely injure him or kill him outright with just a few lucky shots. Bullets and knives still tear his skin and muscles, though blunt force doesn't often keep him down. With gunfire especially, he might be able to fight after getting shot once, but typically he's out of the fight and probably would need urgent medical attention similarly to an unpowered person.

  7. Bad luck, commonly affecting only either his Peter Parker life or his Spider-Man life at a time.

  8. Life, his Parker luck is too strong, thankfully it's balanced out by every hot woman in his life wanting to get in his pants no matter how broke he is.

  9. While he doesn't usually have a Kryptonite per se, he does have more notable limitations in regard to both the equipment he has on hand and his strength, the Spider-Sense can predict nearly anything BUT Peter has to react to it and can be too sensitive at times meaning on occasion it's been used against him.

  10. If you figure out how his Spinder sense works, you can fuck with him using a frequency or whatever, either to cancel it out, or basically make it a head-splitting sound that only he can hear like a dog whistle. But that requires you to know he has that power, rather than just having good hearing and situational awareness.

  11. Oh that's simple, he's weak to happiness. It's the entire reason he can't be happy for to long, if it continues for too long he'll just straight die.

  12. Mostly phycological, I honestly think. He'd probably have none if he leaned in hard into his capabilities. Like that one variant that trained so hard he got precognition level spider sense. But... honestly that wouldn't be the spiderman we know..

  13. Bullets, knives, fire, broken glass, rocks thrown sufficiently hard enough. Spider-Man is not super-durable in any menaingful way. His muscles are denser and stronger than a normal person so he's better at taking physical punishment than a normal person, and he has a mildly enhanced healing speed, but outside of that he's not particularly damage resistant. Spider-Man survives because he can sense danger, but if there are multiple simultaneously occuring threats he may not be able to avoid all of them. I imagine that if you set up multiple machine guns with various spreads and angles to create a kill zone you could kill him pretty easily (if not for the unspoken super plot armor of being the most profitable superhero of all time).

  14. The Symbiotes don’t trigger his Spider-Sense. Venom and Carbage always beat him in a straight up fight and Peter has to use his brains, help, and/or the alien’s weaknesses to overcome.

  15. Spider-man’s weakness is also his appeal, how relatable he is. Despite being a godlike super human he still burns the casserole he was supposed to make for the potluck. Even though he can dodge bullets on reaction and bench press a car no problem he still struggles to tackle that chair full of laundry. That’s Spider-Man’s weakness.

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