[Assassin’s Creed Valhalla] Platinums 96 and 97. I now have the whole series again.

  1. I currently have The Ezio Collection, 3, Liberation &' Odyssey. Working through Rogue now but contemplating waiting on that &' doing Black Flag first. Is there any tips you can give for Black Flag when it comes to the mp trophies &' the Blackbeard DLC

  2. The Black Flag multiplayer servers are still surprisingly active, or at least they were when I finished the PS3 version a few months back and I can’t imagine it’s changed much. There is also a discord server which helped me get enough people together for AC Brotherhood and Revelations MP, but I don’t recall needing it for Black Flag. Good luck!

  3. You only really to play with other people for using one ability (Bodyguard) and two of the Blackbeard trophies (Elevator to the Gallows and Sacred Land.) The rest you can do solo in Wolfpack, it's easy

  4. There's two plats for Valhalla? I have the PS4 to PS5 version, would that count as two if I did it on both consoles?

  5. Most, but not all. Try assassinating someone, that’s what made them start popping for me. The suthsexe arc, prophecy quest and kill all order of the ancients ones didn’t pop though so I had to redo the requirements for them.

  6. Grats. How did you manage with the world's events that don't work? I'm stuck on path to the wind blue. It just won't end.

  7. How do you make this costum list on psnprofiles? If seen a stage rundown like this before but cant figure out how to create one.

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