[Assassin’s Creed] It’s taken a while, but as of tonight I’ve got 100% of the trophies available in the main series of AC games

  1. I did a lot of the online when the games were new, just went back to mop up what I was missing recently.

  2. I hope I don’t sound like a downer on what is obviously an incredible feat. Just wanted your opinion.. doesn’t it get boring to play these many games of the same series? The Ezio trilogy will forever be one of my faves, but I can’t imagine wanting to reminisce that feeling of stealth attacks and hay jumps these many times.

  3. To answer your second point first, I did the vast majority of the trophies for each game when they were new. Just went back to finish them (mostly the Online stuff) during lockdown over the last few months.

  4. Nope, got them too. They’re just cropped out of the photo because I don’t have the Chronicles trophies.

  5. How’d you get the online trophies for brotherhood, or did you already have them from years ago? Congrats, this is some serious grindage

  6. Had a lot of them from when the games were new, but all the MP servers are still on and surprisingly active so was able to finish them recently.

  7. I found Conor to be a really unlikeable protagonist, but I liked the evolution of the core gameplay. That said I think AC3 marked the point where they started filling the games with way too much side content that wasn’t really fun.

  8. Thats a lot of collectibles, nice work! How many people you think you have killed across the games?

  9. Black Flag servers are still online and surprisingly active. There’s also a Discord server to help find games

  10. You have the patience of a saint. Good job! I'm in the process of getting plat for ghost of tsushima and it's starting to get draining finding all the collectibles.

  11. I’ve done GoT too, really liked it. I try to do as many collectibles as possible as I’m completing the story so they’re not all left for the end

  12. Black Flag was 2013 I think? The oldest with MP is Borhterhood, but the MP servers for all the games are still online and surprisingly active.

  13. Congratulations, especially for the online trophies for Brotherhood and Revelations, those stopped me from getting the Platinum for those two games. Also never played Liberation, is it any good? It's the only one I'm missing in the series

  14. Thanks! The servers are still online and surprisingly active. There’s also a discord server for helping with finding matches. I liked Liberation, but you can tell it was originally designed for lower powered hardware. It has an interesting enough story and the moment-to-moment gameplay is pretty similar to AC3 so if you liked that I’d recommend it. The multiplayer on Vita is an absolute mess though, so I’d go for the PS3 or 4 version which doesn’t include it.

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