female top surgeons in the east coast (nc) that’ll accept 15 yr old?

  1. There are three female top surgeons in NC. Dr Hope Sherie is in Charlotte and Dr Keelee MacPhee and Dr Kristen Rezak are in Durham. I don't know which ones will accept people that young but it's worth a call. I believe all three of these surgeons have results posted on TransBucket and Dr Sherie and Dr MacPhee have lots of results posted on their websites.

  2. Rezak won't do minors. Sherie will (I'm 17 and going with her) but I'm not sure what the cutoff is. I believe MacPhee does minors as well but pretty sure she only did 16+

  3. i’m 15 and Dr. Rhodes in Richmond VA is operating on me. insurance covered my surgery. it may be a drive, but it’s worth a try.

  4. dr.Bluebond, dr.Beverly Fisher, dr.Alexes Hazen. I’m pretty sure all 3 will do top surgery on minors but you will need to have parents permission and possibly a few other things

  5. i mean, with the waitlists for most surgeons, you'll be extremely lucky if you can get even an appointment for a consult before you turn 16. and even after that, someone people are waiting years for their top surgery date, like really i think you're being very unrealistic with this. most surgeons wouldn't even consider doing surgery on a 15 year old, even with parental consent. plus, how do you plan on paying for it? because the process of trying to get insurance to cover it alone can take months. this isn't a speedy process, not even for a legal adult who has the money on deck to pay for it. you can call some people but ultimately you're gonna have a really hard time.

  6. i’m 15. the process to get my surgery scheduled and covered by insurance completely took 2 months. this isn’t unrealistic at all.

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