Why do so many men feel the need to slap their penis on the woman's leg when about to have sex?

  1. So my husband periodically will come up behind me while I'm chilling on the couch and rest his balls on my shoulder or my forearm. Then he waits till I notice that he is teabagging me. They are soft so I don't hate it.

  2. My husband slaps his dick on my ass. I don't understand why he does it but he seems to enjoy it so I let him...

  3. I've never been with anyone but my husband so this sounds like some imitating porn thing to me. I could just have caught someone who doesn't do it, but it kinda made me giggle to picture it.

  4. I have literally never had/seen a guy I slept with do this before. The only place I've really heard of much dick slapping (on thighs/legs/whatever) being common with/in has been porn.

  5. For me it's like a consent thing, like I've got all of these hints that consent has been given and I have it out and she's there, legs wide open and I just slap it (it doesn't have to be the leg) but like around the area so as if to say "it's here, that's the size, I'm about to go in, say something if you don't want it"

  6. So, it's like when you walk up to a door that was left open but no one is there to specifically invite you in so you knock anyway?

  7. This is actually the only comment on here that makes any of this make sense…(I’ve never seen or heard of this) make this the top comment

  8. I've seen it in armature porn very sparingly. I assumed it was to dull the sensitivity of the penis because getting slapped causes a temporary numbing sensation

  9. Yup. Some posters say its because of porn, but I don't recall seeing it in any of the scenes I've watched before. Meat scepters slapping on the face, chest, ass, and vagina, yes. But to my recollection, I haven't seen legs getting slapped that way.

  10. Yeah, quite a few of those weird off-putting things that very unusually happens anywhere that isn’t porn. Turns the switch right off

  11. I didn't realize this was a common thing. My boyfriend does it and I just think it's funny. Not haha funny, but cute/sexy funny?

  12. Fun fact, when a man meets a woman he’s destined to spend his life with the penis will react like one of those old snap bracelets around the leg. It’s in the Bible. Clearly you haven’t found your special someone

  13. Every now and again I have to give it a little bonk to make sure I’m fully torqued. The medications I’m on make it a gamble. I’ll either turn into a gummy worm shortly after, or I’m gonna be alright, but the bonk lets me know when I’m A Ok.

  14. I mean, when I do it it's because I'm already tired from work but want to do it, so it helps stimulate blood flow while assuming position.

  15. As a female, if you’ve got an average+ sized dick and the foreplay has been on point, this is a huge turn on. I’m practically begging you to put it inside me at that point. 🥵

  16. On pussy lips if going in the front ways. Ass cheeks if behind. 3 times like when you knock on someone’s door😂😂

  17. Change in sensation, switching positions, hurting yourself, doing that, are all techniques to prevent pre-mature ejaculation. Dude probably about to bust before he even touches your puss.

  18. It's actually nothing with a kink. I think it's probably to encourage blood flow which means a better erection.

  19. I never even knew this was a thing until I saw porn, and then I thought it was a porn only thing...but I also realize that alot of young guys got their sex-ed from watching free online porn

  20. i never watched a single porn where the guy slapped his dick on a womans leg... and I was / am a huge degen... I've seen it all...

  21. I feel like you should already be in the mood long before that point. If you're still not in the mood by then, it's probably time to stop.

  22. Personally I like to tap out a quick SOS to the gods in the hopes that they give me the strength to last more than 30 seconds

  23. Lmaooooo apparently you’re very familiar and it’s common or you’re completely perplexed on this thread. Guys seem to be split the same. I’m in the “this is a normal guy thing” camp.

  24. I believe it also loosens the penis muscles in ritualistic fashion to increase probability of maintaining erection.

  25. Umm... What?! I, as a dude, have never done this. And I have several close friends who love asking me about weird sex quirks of their hookups/boyfriends and see if they're normal and this has never come up.

  26. i think it’s to make sure it’s hard enough or something? like wake him up a little? not everyone i’ve slept with has done this but i’ve def experienced it a lot.

  27. Sometimes I do this if I’m not fully hard. Dunno why but it’s like a wake up call. Also had quite a few women that wanted it so maybe I’m just Pavloved?

  28. I think it's fun. That's my only explanation. Its better for both of us when we can be silly and laugh. Ive never aimed for a leg, but if i can get a forehead its funny. Maybe some desensitization thing to calm before the storm. Thwap thwap thwap.

  29. It’s like when male dogs pee, whoever was the last one to pee is king of the hill or the dominate one. Same thing here, whoever slapped the leg last is the winner.

  30. This entire thread is quite possibly the peak of how funny this world will ever be. Thank you all for your contributions

  31. It’s generally done when the lights are off and the man can’t see what he is doing, kinda like when a blind person uses a cane.

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