This sub is a bit quiet. Who else is ready for Tinyman to come back!?

  1. I still check the website and tinychart every day by habit.. knowing nothing has changed. Not messing with MEXC or USDT. I'll be patient and wait for the man to return.

  2. I miss Tinyman. I’ve been looking for an alternative with no success. I don’t like that you have make accounts or the Dex needs multiple steps to make a trade. Or Coinbase doesn’t support it. I agree 100% with the person who said “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone”. 💯

  3. I didn't realize what a weird, reclusive, shut-in I had become until tinyman was gone and I had to find something else to do all day.

  4. Bruh…. The second this shit comes back…. I am going to buy so many fucking NFTS it’s ridiculous. Yieldly and This were one of my main money makers in 2021. I can’t wait for this to go live again

  5. I'm excited for it to come back, but the timing of it going down worked out really well for me. It gave me a lot of capital to move into another chain I've been interested in and I've been up a lot since then, despite pretty much everything being in the red.

  6. I am new and they day I decided to join Tinyman it closed! I checking everyday hoping it will return! Let’s hope the 17th!

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