Vote Manipulation Is Not Against The Rules

  1. It’s just going worse and worse on here. Reddit is the only social media I use and I do like that I can choose subs I am interested in but it’s becoming a shit show of spam, spam and more spam. Appreciate what you do though exposing this bs.

  2. yep it's very common. i see lots of people who are not "spam fighters", make comments about it when it happens. it's becoming more noticeable to people that aren't necessarily watching for it.

  3. Reddit cares more if an individual does it. Not if entire subreddits are dedicated for it, rings of spammers make money off it or powermods tweak a sub for nefarious reasons.

  4. Anyone remember Unidan, who used to post a lot of interesting biology facts until he got banned for using an alt account to downvote someone he was having an argument with? Not a bot ring, not a brigade of other people he encouraged, just one downvote from a single alt account, but reddit was all over that shit.

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