highlighted in a ‘pencil only’ script

  1. In my experience, the theatre just asks you to pay for the script. Essentially, especially if it is a musical, they scripts are rented and have to be returned. So hopefully that's all they'll ask.

  2. Talk to your stage manager. Say that you hadn't realized they were rented scripts, and that you want to pay for a replacement copy. Do it soon, because it will probably take a while for the message to get back to the theatre administrator or the production manager or whoever will be in charge of returning the scripts. And then by the time the director notices you holding the highlighted script in a rehearsal and says something, the SM can just say quietly "It's okay,

  3. Fess up. You'll likely have to pay for the script (usually $30-50 depending on the show), but your director will know that you are an honest person with integrity. It's not a big deal, happens all the time.

  4. Just be honest and say you highlighted your script before you found out you weren't supposed to do so. Worst case scenario is that you'll have to pay for the script or pay the damage fee when the rented script is returned. This stuff happens all the time. No need to feel bad.

  5. I ordered a script of my own so I could absolutely destroy mine. That might not be an option for many reasons, but I highly recommend it.

  6. Go to the publisher. It should say in the script. I hope you find it. It was pretty cruddy that they didn't tell you immediately not to highlight.

  7. In my experience, they just throw away the returned scripts anyway. I have done many plays, from several different publishers, and have never been handed a used script.

  8. If it’s from Music Theatre International it’s going to cost you around $80. It also will say on the cover and inside that you should only use pencil.

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