Lets hear some of your favourite Bart quotes

  1. "I'll be Gus, the loveable chimney sweep. Clean as a whistle, sharp as a Thistle, best in ol' Westminster, yeah."

  2. Whenever I'm with my friend and we see something advertised for $1, one of us will always say, "Boy I sure could go for 100 _____s for $100 right now!"

  3. “If you think he got such a good deal, I’ll give you my conscience for $4.50. I’ll throw in my sense of decency too.” (Yelling:) “It’s a Bart Sales Event! Everything about me must go!”

  4. “See that? I started to do, like, a little arabesque, but then I just fully went for it and pulled off the demi-entrechat. Not that I'm into that kind of thing.”

  5. This whole raid was a useless as that yellow, lemon-shaped rock over there...WAIT A MINUTE! THERE'S A LEMON BEHIND THAT ROCK!

  6. It’s not even a quotable quote but I live for Nancy Cartwright’s delivery of “There is one, but… …Nah,” when Sideshow Bob asks him if he has any last requests and he looks over halfway through the sentence and sees the sign that says “Springfield 15 miles.”

  7. "How about Blabbermouth, the Jerky Doll for Jerks? Wendy Windbag? Ugly Doris? Hortense, the Mule-Faced Doll? No! Loudmouth Lisa! Stupid Lisa Garbage Face!!! I cant stand this any longer. Somebody please pay attention to me!!! Helloooo! Pay attention to me! Look at me!!! I’m Bart!!! I’m Bart!!! Look at me!!! Look at me!!! Look at me!!! Bulllliiiilllluuulliiiilllluuuhhh.”

  8. “Then welcome to the nether regions of the soul. …Now, here's what we do. Tomorrow morning, when Alison comes out of her house, we spray her with the hose, soaking her from head to toe, leaving us relatively dry.” (“Relatively?”) ”Well, there’s bound to be some splashback.”

  9. I love that they didn’t even throw in some explanation for why Bart did this like “Milhouse snitched on him in class” or “Milhouse beat his high score” or something even though it would have been so easy and also made more sense for the episode, because he’s encouraging Lisa to embrace the Bartesque to get back at someone who’s getting on her nerves, so it would have made sense for him to advertise his skills in that department by explaining what he did to the last guy who annoyed him. But instead we’re left to assume it’s just another week in the friendship of Bart and Milhouse where Bart is patting himself on the back for the beautiful job he did making his best friend’s life a living hell for no damn reason. It gets me every time.

  10. To Reverend Lovejoy's daughter: "I was incredibly moved by your reading. I don't think God's words have ever sounded so plausible."

  11. "Me bad want money now, me sick." followed by a personal fave of mine "Ooh, he card read good!"

  12. I don’t think so. You’re all the way in Australia. Hey, I think I hear a dingo eating your baby

  13. "Me and Santa's Little Helper used to be a team, but he doesn't want to play anymore since his bitch moved in."

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