He’s Guilty AF. That’s the reason he’s yelling and screaming.

  1. He’s always felt above the law. Even before 2016. So he apparently never felt the need to do a better job of hiding whatever it was. And the fact he didn’t destroy it gives the assumption he was planning on weaponizing whatever the info was

  2. When you think you’re invincible, you do dumb shit like this. As stupid as he is, he is the king of misinformation. You’ll see him tout fake news, and you’ll see his supporters blindly supporting as usual. P

  3. When I saw the news about the raid I thought no way they find anything, he had almost 2 years to destroy evidence…. Guess that wasn’t enough time lol

  4. If I was a billionaire I think I could hide things so no one could find them. But then there is a rumor someone from inside tipped off the feds…..

  5. One book, "Swedish-made Penis Enlargers Bigly Amounts of Incriminating Evidence And Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag Baby", by Austin Powers Donald Trump

  6. Their dumbass response is to threaten all the intelligence and enforcement agencies yeah, I'm sure that will help your cause you jackasses lol

  7. This will be today's GOP response, that the FBI planted stuff at Mar A Lago and that what they "recovered" was not actually there.

  8. Yep and all those Republicans screaming about this are very worried he will take them down with him when he goes, which of course, he will. Who will get the best deal with DoJ?

  9. He won't take them down if they detach their tow line. But they won't, because they're not on separate ships, they're all on one boat and the ones that know how to swim already jumped ship. The rest of the existing GOP are complacent and complicit in this direct effort to undermine fucking democracy in the USA. The end result isn't a "soviet" USA. The end result is Balkanization and loose confederacies that frequently war. Basically early 20th century Europe.

  10. So he's pissed he got treated like every other criminal? How many people get a heads up before a raid? Hell he should just be glad he's a rich old white guy or they would have just kicked in his door and started shooting.

  11. If he was treated like any other criminal, he’d be lying in a pool of blood after a no knock raid, like Breonna Taylor. Oh wait, it wasn’t even about her.

  12. Bitch you were the Federal Government. Don’t act like it’s some far away being. The warrant was OKd by a judge you appointed, executed by a attorney you appointed.

  13. The very fact he keeps comparing himself to Obama and Hillary shows he never made it past the peer influence stage of psychosocial development. That's something that you generally grow out of by around 9th or 10th grade. So we elected an arrested development malignant narcissist as a president in 2016. We fucking deserve for this country to go through unimaginable bullshit for the next 5-7 years. The bad part is a lot of innocents are going to suffer until we get it right. The good part is that maybe, finally we have the perfect opportunity to fix all the crap that's wrong with this country we've been bitching and fighting over for 157 years.

  14. You mean he's then too old or that he's in jail? At this point I have more faith in mother nature than the justice. We will have to wait until he chokes on his morning burger.

  15. Why did he steal classified documents from the WH in the first place? Since he doesn’t have normal emotions I guarantee it wasn’t for nostalgia, and even if it was, that’s still a felony. But he never does anything that won’t benefit him personally. He took them because they were extremely damaging to him, he planned to use them for blackmail, or he planned to sell them. Any of those is absolutely in keeping with his lack of character

  16. He would be powerless without the Southern Baptist Church, an institution that will raze the country to the ground to end gay marriage, behind him.

  17. If the FBI is planting evidence, then it is his fault because Trump is the one who set up the FBI to be what it is today. Biden has had little effect on them.

  18. Even people that don’t break the law get raided by the FBI. I would think the bar for a judge to sign a warrant on a former president has to be pretty high. Also, the FBI would not risk the embarrassment of doing something like that unless it was on the up and up.

  19. Well, when you plead the 5th you are guilty for sure. The Donald said it in 2016. I guess he says the truth once in a while.>

  20. I wish this man would fall off a cliff. Then his followers can blame nature and how nature planted itself to be there.

  21. All I gotta say is that if this fucking human trash triggers the end of the United States, I am going full murder hobo. Fuck moving to Canadia. I'm hunting olds and rednecks and exterminating bloodlines. Unlike most of these so-called patriots, I've actually invested a significant chunk of my life into this place.

  22. Here’s the thing - even if someone was like “THE FBI SHOULD RAID OBAMAS HOUSE” If there’s nothing he’s done wrong, and they check it, then he’s fine. It’s an embarrassment for the FBI, maybe they pay a cleaning fee or some shit and call it a day.

  23. “Obama and Clinton never got raided!” If he’s talking about both Clinton’s yeah, they sort of shady but, Obama, like what did he do wrong?

  24. The effrontery and unearned privilege of this guy is astonishing. My dude, you cannot just WALK OFF with Classified government documents. If an ordinary citizen had committed a minute fraction of his misdeeds they'd be locked in a maximum security prison for the rest of their natural life. He has no idea how lucky he is. Sedition, treason, incitement to violence, fraud, conspiracy to overturn the United States government through a violent coup, collusion with a foreign government to interfere with an election, deliberately withholding information about a deadly pandemic resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. He's so unbelievably blessed and favored in his life and he's still upset?

  25. I really hope there's a tape of the fucking fit he threw when he found out about the search warrant. I bet it was a Type 1a meltdown lol.

  26. Has anyone considered the obvious here? How likely is it that any person in his position has any major room in their home NOT under surveillance? How much less likely is it that the spot in said home where valuables in specific are kept isnt under surveillance? I would think its almost a guarantee that there is a camera INSIDE the safe itself.

  27. What piece of of intelligence can be so valuable that it needs to be retrieved? Surely what ever it is has been sold or compromised already. My only reasoning was that they just needed proof it was in his possession. Best case scenario: it was planted and tracked intelligence that once leaked leads right back to its source.

  28. Love this. Trump and co watched entire "raid" on camera but which fbi was prolly 100% aware would be happening. No doubt every aspect of this raid was 100% transparent and legal given trumps love of litigation.

  29. What he said is logical. I would definitely want someone I trust supervise the search process. Planting stuff is a common thing

  30. I mean, I don’t usually care for politics, but if there’s nothing stopping someone from planting something to incriminate a politician they don’t like, it sounds like it would be a issue, republican or liberal

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