Eminem fans are insane, mcdonalds is the best food cuz it sells the most?

  1. I'm very sure it isn't. I've seen the OP spamming this BS in another sub that it didn't fit into as well. I'm guessing they eventually got banned from it and moved onto this one.

  2. Comparing an easily accessible cheap food to people who bought because they liked the music is the most apples and oranges shit I’ve ever heard.

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Theres no question jay and pacs catalogs are better and more consistent. Also, Eminem picks fruity beat after fruity beat and trys to sing on every other song wit his whiny ass boy voice. Eminem is a feminine ass rapper. Foh

  4. The worst punk band is better then the most popular rap. Rap was good, once. In the 90s. Whatever they are calling "hip hop" now is ridiculous, talentless trash. Tupac went to Juliard. He's about as street as my 11 year old. Remember when Tupac got raped in prison a bunch?

  5. You can’t compare food to music, the best food costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars, the best music costs as much as average music

  6. Record sales don't mean shit 90% of his fans are white anyway and most of them don't even listen to any other rapper but eminem so of course he's going to out sell everyone

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