Question: Gyno or fat

  1. Just looks like you’re holding too much body fat on top of not having a lot of muscle tbh I’d say Fuck the bulk you’d likely get away with a body recomp at maintenance or just below but do you feel distinct lumps of breast tissue around your nipples or are they just flabby when you give em the ol’ pinch and twist, because gyno isn’t just visual you’d be able to feel it too, also if you hit a classic ab pose (arms overhead) anyone with gyno hitting this pose it’ll stand out very distinctly and you’ll see the lumpy mass of tissue if it’s there

  2. Heck I dont rly know tbh. I tried doing what you told me and I kinda feel some lumps ishh but inst that just fat? I rly cant tell cuz i got no freaking clue sorry…

  3. If you want honesty I will be honest. You are fat and out of shape, thats why you have tits, not trt. Put down the donut and pick up the dumbbell. Testosterone therapy doesn't perform miracles, you need to work.

  4. I do have fat cuz im bulking tbh. And this is taken end of the day where Im bloated. But what Im really asking here, is it Gyno or a little storaged fat there

  5. Bro looking at your physique, i must say bulking is not the right choice for you. If i were you, i would eat just below maintenance, sorta do a recomp, you will still build your baseline and also lose fat at the same time. Good luck

  6. How old are you? I don’t think you should be posting those online. Might catch a charge or predators with those things

  7. Not gyno. Just good ol' fashioned fat. What are you on that you'd suspect Gyno? Do you feel any soreness in them at all? If you are in the middle of a bulk you are eating way too many calories above your maintanence. You can probably cut it back a bit.

  8. Bro these posts are so fucking stupid y’all if y’all don’t have man tits then quit fucking worrying. You look fine bro quit tripping.

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