Tesla Stops Including Rear License Plate Frames with Model 3/Y Deliveries

  1. Welcome to Facebook Marketplace, where everything is new/like new and the owners "know what they got." Hahaha

  2. Holy fuck this killed me. My Significant other got her Kona Electric there. I literally made her go there first because it was such a shitty limey dealership I thought there is no way we will ever buy a car from them. 9 hours 3 sales reps and 2 walk outs later we got them down from $550 a month with $8k down to $250 a month zero down. I’m still mad to this day that Russel Westbrook Hyundai of Anahiem got me to buy a car from them.

  3. I didn’t even realize this wasn’t normal. We got the plate frame for our MYP we picked up in late May.

  4. I find them tacky anyway. Doesn't match the black trim. And I already know the Model of my car. I don't need a reminder on my license plate.

  5. It made more sense when the Model 3 was first released as there as it had silver trim. My car is the light silver metallic they go rid of so it just goes with the car so I never took it off.

  6. Does any other manufacturer include it? I don't think I've ever seen one. If not, it's not really "corner cutting" is it?

  7. Sad people fail to see the constant reduction in items for the car, it's never ending if we continue to make excuses for it. You would think the exclusion of charger would stop there, but yet I see a lot of people still offering excuses for more cost cutting. nO oNe bUys A tEsLa fOr tHe LiCenSe pLaTe HoLder. That's not the point. I digress.

  8. Maybe now I’ll see fewer Teslas with the frame installed incorrectly (I see way too many cars with the tabs for the screws above the license plate instead of under).

  9. Yeah honestly giving us a free license plate frame that probably costs them fifty cents to make with our $70k cars is obviously putting the future of the entire company at risk /s

  10. I guess Elon is going to say this is because the chip or materials shortage. I can say its bs. Dude keeps taking away. I also guess as long as the 3&Y keep selling like hot bread coming out the oven he will continue this path. At some point the rest of the boys will catch up with sells and Tesla will have presure to lower the price. but until them Elon has us by the balls and tits.

  11. Yep! Have you ever heard of people paying $60-$70k+ for a vehicle that rides like complete shit and loving it? Haha! That's Tesla Model 3 and Y owners.

  12. They’re nicely made - I’ll admit, but yeah I took them off day one. Guess the logs revealed that. 😂

  13. I didn't get a rear license plate, a front license plate holder, or even floor mats in my MYLR (this was last November).

  14. In 2018 we got lifetime premium data, enhanced autopilot, a charger, the cool glass coating that turns raindrops orange, a license plate frame, and referral bonuses. We didn’t get the exterior speaker, v3 computer, or heat pump.

  15. Wow what bs. Are they hurting for the $10 that part cost them? It was a nice touch to have the SA install that for me at pickup and I like the look of it. It’s getting to be more and more like fu take your car and gtfo.

  16. Yes, it does hurt when you are making hundreds of thousands of cars. Saving $10 per car per year would cover the salary of several engineers. Not to mention the opportunity cost of having the manufacturer build something else more valuable. Especially for something that people either don't care about or don't want to put in anyway. No one decided not to buy a car because it did not come with a license plate frame.

  17. This part does not cost them $10. More like pennies. It’ll add up for sure over time but the worst part is you don’t see a savings.

  18. I got my Y in June and there was no cover. I had no idea it was a recent change. It was an $8 problem so probably not worth fussing about.

  19. Picked mine up today and didn’t get one. It’s kinda hard to put on the ca paper temporary plate

  20. Removing the 3/Y rear license plate is a safety move. It’s the sharpest, thinnest piece of metal that came with my Y.

  21. Took delivery this week. It’s Fremont, not Austin. It’s not the updated interior or headlights. But at least I got a license plate frame. 🤪

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