Venting the frunk

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  1. Umm yes. Don’t drive like that. You’re only half-latching the hood. At one point I think I remember a recall about some latches doing this. The dance of course is that at highway speeds both wind and vibration could cause the hood to open and block your view.

  2. How long do you “keep” that sweat drenched stuff in there?! Drive home throw it in the wash/air out shoes.. why keep it there and put it back on your body… or am I missing something?

  3. You're right. But for road trips it's nice to keep it dry during a 1-2 week trip. If my gym clothes could be good for 2-3 runs i could bring less clothes. Dunno

  4. Buy those sneaker deodorizer balls and throw a couple of them with your gym stuff in the frunk and that will help absorb the moisture and any odors

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