Windshield tint leads to a ton of liquid in the front camera housing.

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  1. 100% definitely disappointed. Not only did I have to deal with the overspray but the film is totally scratched everywhere. Little hairline scratches where they squeegeed.

  2. Dumb tint question. Does 70% mean that it is darker than the 50% or lighter? Like, is it 70% towards black or allows 70% of light in? Thanks. And also- do you notice significant heat reduction too?

  3. I wish I could’ve added the 70%. Not trying to get pulled over. Surprisingly when out under the sun it’s barely noticeable. You can see right through. In the shade is when it’s most noticeable.

  4. Agreed. The owner has a 3 and had tinted his whole car. I assumed that meant he knew what he was doing smh.

  5. Two ways to clean it. Pull down the housing to clean or slide a thin silk screen cleaning cloth with window cleaner and slide left/right going upwards. I did the latter.

  6. I actually tried that first before taking apart the housing. I couldn’t wedge or slide the fabric into it. It’s pretty tight against the glass.

  7. I got 50% tint on the windshield as well 3M Nano ceramic, never had any issue like you’re experiencing. The tint place I went to bought a windshield directly from Tesla so it’s easier to cut out. I wish I would have gotten 70%. 50% is a little dark for me.

  8. Decided to get my windshield tinted with nano ceramic 50%. It’s the lightest they offered. Overall love the look. Not dark at all and it does help with heat.

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