Mice chewed wire harnesses and brake hoses..

  1. Yes I am in the process of doing that. Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this and what they’ve done to prevent it from happening again

  2. I am using cotton balls soaked in peppermint liquid placed in frunk and subtrunk. We have also placed them in corners of garage, by doors etc. after having a mouse problem getting into the cats food by the cats bed. So a cat isn't our solution. No problem in last 6 weeks but knocking on wood.

  3. Wow that’s unfortunate, I hope that works out for you. Yeah I’ve read the same - it’s soy. Thanks for the suggestion - keep me posted on if the cotton balls seem to help for you! 😁

  4. Yep, this is a thing and not just with Tesla. Many manufacturers use soybean-based insulation in wiring which they’re apparently attracted to. My friend’s motorcycle was basically totaled because of this.

  5. Unfortunately I don’t have a space where I have access to electricity/outlets. I did stumble upon the RatMat and I’d get it if I lived in a detached or a semi with my own garage 🥲

  6. I used to work for Toyota, I’ve seen many of these. That’s true, it’s not covered by the car warranty but I recall a customer of mine put in a claim with his actual car insurance and I think it went through. $500 deductible is better than $3000

  7. Funny you say this as I just got a response back from my insurance and it seems I’m covered and just have to pay the $500 as well 🥲

  8. https://www.consumerreports.org/car-maintenance/how-to-protect-your-car-from-rodents-a5816950285/

  9. My neighbor across the street is a crazy cat lady. There's about 10 cats that go in and out of her house. So despite living in a rural area with wooded area behind my house -- no mice issues.

  10. We’ve got marters/Marten small weasel kind of creatures; I’ve found out that dogs repel them. You can place a guard dog near your car, or go to a dog trim saloon and ask for leftover hair, put that in a pantyhose and stuff it, knot it and place around some entry points in and around the car.

  11. Yes. Apparently wires are coated in a soy biproduct now instead of plastic now a days. Rodents love to eat it. Costs a shit load and you may need to replace all your wiring at some point of rodent issue Dosent get fixed. Fucking sucks.

  12. This sucks and you have my sympathy, but this is why Tesla is great. $3500 for what I assume to be a complete new wire harness- installed. If it was a German built car you could probably add a 0 to that. Someone else mentioned the same thing totaling a motorcycle. No motorcycle has a wiring harness anywhere near as complex as a Tesla.

  13. Sorry to hear that buddy 😓 I wish I was in a detached or a semi with my own garage and then I’d consider it haha

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