$3000 in Tesla

  1. You've come to the tesla subreddit where there clearly would be a biased opinion towards it. I'd suggest either doing your own research or if you're lazy then go to

  2. Six years ago I put $2000 in Tesla. It’s garbage the last few months barely over $40k today but that $2k has been worth over $70k and will be again. It’s a fun ride, price is down now so ok time to buy (im far from an expert, I’ve just watched my own loose a ton of value that I believe will definitely come back sooner than later), and if there ends up being another split you’ll look like a genius in a few years. With all that said, don’t buy based on my story!!! Just offering some recreational background.

  3. TSLA price targets are generally above $1000 and it is under $700. I played calls for a bit over a year and made a lot of money. I played puts a bit during the decline and made a bit of money. I've stayed away because I don't really have a feel for the macroeconomic situation yet, but I firmly believe TSLA will have an epic bounce-back in the area of $500 in 3 days, just figuring out when those 3 days will be is the trick. For a long-term investment, you don't have to worry about timing.

  4. For a couple months, I’ve been thinking it could get to a forward P/E of 40 which at the time was about $390 and is now $450. Earnings could get hit for this quarter due to new gigafactory “furnaces” and Shanghai shutdowns, so $390 could be it again.

  5. Look... I'm long TSLA over the long term, but Elon's recent silence for a week and his jet being grounded for the same amount of time has me a bit concerned in the short term. If you want to make a quick buck, buy some put options even with the recent decline in price. If you don't have option permission from your broker, then wait until a couple weeks after their next earnings (e.g. mid-August) and buy in when all the dust settles.

  6. This is shove it out the door week, Elon is busy getting as many Tesla cars shipped as it can! I’m happy to see Elon focus on Tesla business as he pushes them to the maximum they can do. Elon will tweet and fly again starting on 7/1/2023, after the quarter closes! Right now he is doing what I wished he would do all quarter long!

  7. depends on your risk appetite. it's a very volatile stock, if you can't stomach that, you should look at something more stable like MSFT

  8. If you are investing long term pretty much any stock will do okay. Not just Tesla. The biggest question is what is your expectation. Do you expect 10x in 10 year horizon or just being positive maybe double in 10 years. My believe is Tesla won't be 10x. I think 3x is more likely.

  9. Yes and when it splits you'll be very happy because Elon is the light at the end of the tunnel and at the end of the tunnel is money..!!

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