Lottery Ticket Synch? Details in Comments.

  1. if these tickets havent been announced yet, be aware that posting the full ticket with the barcode visible could result in someone finding a way to cash out yours if it wins (probably not a grand prize win, but like if you just won 20 dollars or so)

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of 11s and a lot of other random doubles lately (22s, 33s, 44s, etc) along with triple digits, but mostly 11s. A few minutes ago I grabbed the 4 lottery tickets that I bought yesterday (no winners 😞) and figured I would count all the doubles and thought it would be interesting if they added up to 11. There are 11 sets of doubles across the 4 tickets. Blew my mind. I’m not sure if I just manifested that or not, but it’s super cool!!!

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