I wish men were more reliable… Maybe we’re looking in the wrong places haha… Is a gangbang too much for a girl to ask for? It’s fine, as long as one extra guy shows up we have a good time!

  1. My impression is that it isn't just guys. Women and couples also seem to have a tendency to go radio silent or not show up for a meeting. But I do much better in person. :)

  2. Apparently from what I know (have been in the lifestyle for years) Gang bangs are not as easy to line up as one would think.. On a site we are on called Fet Life, numerous couples have mentioned how getting one to come together is not easy... I imagine if you were able to have a fairly regular house party and then spring board from there might work... House parties in general can be a blast!

  3. We have a few guys that would be up for a repeat visit but getting them to coordinate schedules is damn near impossible 😂.

  4. Good question! I think a lot of men just have a fantasy and chicken out when it actually looks like it will be a reality.

  5. Lots of places, but the one we've had the most luck is an app called "Feeld." It's designed with the polyamory and ethical non-monogamy community in mind, and we've found the nicest, most authentic humans there. We've also had success with other apps such as 3Fun, OKCupid (select the non-monogamous option on your profile), and Grindr, as well as swinger subreddits such as

  6. I don’t think you’re looking in the wrong places. I hosted one about eight months ago. There were eight guys who have committed to attend. Only two showed up. I think there’s a lot of guys that are all talk and no action

  7. I know I don't live in your area and I don't get to travel much but if it was a option for me you'd be able to count me in lol hope you have luck getting one together

  8. I don’t have any messages from you. Also this wasn’t meant to be an r4r post, let’s not break the rules of the sub!

  9. Idk I mean my husband I have a problem finding one girl so I could see how getting a gang bang together could be hard. I’ve been in the position tho for a gang bang it wasn’t as fun as it seems 😅🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Never too much to ask for! Trust me if make the short drive down I94 too Detroit to have some fun with you!

  11. Pro-Tip for gangbangs, don't announce them until the day before. The longer guys have to think about it, the more they're going to jerk-off to it, and the more likely they will over-think it and bail.

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