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  1. CNBC had a segment on "meme" stocks this morning because of BBBY being up (due to that bets sub pumping it). Segment was "are meme stocks back". Of course they attacked GME the most. One guy was talking about his son telling him he bought GME and how he got upset at his kid taking such a risky gamble. SMH. These retards don't talk about the fundamentals of Gamestop, and how they are transforming the company. Of course they never talk about how 50+% of the float is directly registered by retail, and how that has never occurred before. No mention of us holding and implied we were day trading.

  2. On balance of probability, Kenny is still in Africa. Cannot believe he would stay out there if any major moves in GME or BBBY are imminent. VVSB and even some media(!) pushing BBBY hard.

  3. It's up to you really, in both cases the shares are registered in your name. With plan the shares are stored at a broker designated by Computershare, whereas with book they are kept by Computershare and there is one less middleman. But with book you can't have fractional shares, so when you buy through Computershare your shares start in plan because most likely you get fractionals from the way buying works on CS.

  4. It's perfectly logical to wonder this. If each synthetic goes to $xxxM, and the fed prints that, it might kill the dollar, more likely weaken it against assets like companies, mines/mineral rights, land, etc, but it would still spend I would think. I imagine it will just be wildly wildly volatile, and crypto will become not just speculative but absolutely necessary for the commercial world to continue functioning. The smart, tech savvy world will continue to quietly decentralize, and the fed will cough up an excuse for massive inflation, probably create some stupid centralized crypto, and rob everyone of the their wealth that way, then force apes to bail them out.

  5. I mean, we will be giving 20-50% back in taxes. And geometric mean guy said total payout is estemated to be 7-9 trillion. Theres plenty to go around.

  6. It’s just a transfer of wealth, we aren’t creating new money. Instead of of the DTC having trillions, you and I will have millions and billions.

  7. I feel like the DRS thing has reached it's Flash Point. Simular to that moment when you are trying to light a fire🔥 in a challenging environment. That moment when the fire suddenly changes gears and you go from being worried about keeping it burning, to knowing that this fire is going to be just fine.. I'm Confident that DRS is the Way. I'm not out here harassing people that can't/haven't DRSed. No longer concerned.. It is Inevitable. Either way I support your investment. 💎🙌🚀 LFG

  8. You might be right. Several people I know who I thought would never drs have been asking for my help lately to do it

  9. I'm not sure you can DRS shares and keep them registered as a TFSA. I think that you can not. You would have to move them into a non-registered account(from there on out your Gains become taxable) but there should be no immediate monetary penalties or major effects upon your income etc. by "de-registering them". Once they've been moved to a non-registered account, you can call the institution and request a transfer to Computershare, GME's Transfer Agent (or DRS them). Note: The brokers charge a fee for the transfer, usually a flat fee of anywhere from $0-300 per block. There may be a better way but I'm not familiar with it. There's a CanadaGME Sub somewhere that may have better info. Cash Account = Non-registered

  10. I might not be 100% drs'ed but I'm the guy who helps my friends figure it out and answers their questions when they decide they want to do it

  11. Stopped drinking after having severe Covid last week and started having vivid dreams again. Last night I dreamed MOASS started but I was so paralyzed with joy I couldn’t look at the ticker.

  12. Hey that's something I bet you forgot how interesting it could be! Getting dreams back after quitting drinking was an unexpected side effect but definitely one of the coolest I had when starting my journey. So was that crazy weight loss and brain functionality after I stopped drinking beer like it was water.

  13. The Virginia Zoo welcomed the birth of an adorable, endangered ape — and they’re offering the public the chance to name the rare primate.

  14. It's something to do while I wait for MOASS and it let's me put some of the stuff I've learned from GME into practice, like the TA I've been studying.

  15. Idk if it’s fud. They are certainly in the basket in some way. Lots of stocks have had successful weeks last week. They crashed hard recently so the rebound is reasonable. I wouldn’t sell if I were them and I hope they learn about how important drs is.

  16. I would like to apologize to all the DRS apes. I made a stupid outburst the other day because one of my Ape friends decided to stop talking to me because I'm not 100% drs'ed. It hurt that he called me a shill and I just lashed out at all you good Apes.

  17. I wonder how drs ing shares can be painted as market manipulation when (I believe) Disney has more drs d individuals than gme.

  18. My dad's been really depressed lately. Mid 50s and has been stuck in jobs he hates his whole life. I told him at most he's got a couple years of working left then we'd be on a beach. Hope I can hold my word.

  19. Your Momma's pussy is so loose, it look like the Purple Circle that runs around the edge of the Infinity Pool

  20. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for this, but if we are supposed to be all about being better and everything, why does everyone still use the term “retard”? Do we all not know how offensive this term is or does no one care because they aren’t actually all about being the better people. I have definitely spoken to people in real life about GameStop and have people question the subreddits use of this term and how it made them take GameStop less serious. Just a thought.

  21. “You don’t call retarded people retards. It’s bad taste. You call your friends retards when they are acting retarded.” -Michael Scott

  22. Is Cybercrew considered one of the GME NFT Marketplace “premium artists”? Or have they not announced any of them yet?

  23. Yes, they made the astronaut logo. They are doing cool secret metaverse stuff. Buy cyber clones and clone cards in between buying gme shares if u have the dough

  24. Looking forward to what the future holds. Great time to be alive! Love you, cats. Hope you had a great weekend and good luck this week!

  25. Finally heard Dave Ramsey say Reddit on his show so moass is definitely soon. Tim Ferris has been bringing on influential people for weeks. Wish I wasn’t enthralled in a Ghee em Eeh bias but it’s just ridiculous the simulation at this point. The trying to feed people the juice is fucking pathetic and will never stand a chance against the truth and transparency. I’m here for the greatest show on earth and it’s going to be with the wealthiest company on the earth and haters are just going to do what they do best.

  26. On a serious note, when the audio of what those guys were saying made the rounds, shit like putting grandma into the poor house because she wants to stay warm, turning off plants to goose rates, etc., people were completely shocked.

  27. I'm no longer engaged enough to get the memes, but damn girl, I'm kind of in a weird head space right now. I just don't know where I stand, or even where I want to stand, y'know?

  28. Damn girl are you a robot because you really overusing buzz words like ape crayon wrinkle idk tho, probably just a old man trying to fit in

  29. Wen Monday and for realz wen Tuesdays I r ready to fuck shit up! I got my money right! Ready for wars!!!🚀🏴‍☠️🚀🏴‍☠️🚀🏴‍☠️🚀🏴‍☠️

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