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  1. I was having trouble doing it from my pc last week. I tried again from my phone a little while after and it worked.

  2. Buddy of mine says he’ll just sue his broker if they liquidate his shares during MOASS. I bet most he’ll get in the lawsuit is a $15 check & a Wendy’s coupon book, don’t be like my buddy & DRS.

  3. if bbby actually does the thing, it’ll confirm gme for the public when it actually happens. it obviously wont make a difference but when the headlines hit we wont be “the bad guys”

  4. If it happens with bbby, there will be so much money poured into gme immediately after that, that it will be pure insanity.

  5. I got a GameStop shirt, in store, the one with the rocket tag on the waist. In my size. Weekend made.

  6. Retail has already DRSed 36% of all the shares that they should be able to own if you assume the short interest % is true

  7. It's a big week coming up with the Golden cross forming Monday-Wednesday. Want that Gmerica swag wear and Android crypto wallet too plz

  8. Random thought: GME was shorted extra hard and for an extra long time when DRSing became a thing here (since November). Was this a desparate attempt to shake off retail investors and discourage DRSing? And now the dip machine appears to be broken... Did they realize that they've failed?

  9. Just got back from a 6 day trip off the Grid. Just here to say that I missed you dummy Rapscallians!! 🦍🦍🦍 Seems as though the DRS movement is getting pretty Serious. stirs coffee Wut with all the Brokerages not receiving any shares from the DTCC and All. 🟣DRS the Float for Science!!🟣 Got about 80 Moar myself I need to move, Stat!! They on the next train leaving Fam.. 🚂..💺 Brick by MF Brick! Let's Get It!!🚀

  10. DRS = infinity pool, lock the real shares, force them to buy the synths from brokers first, price goes up, nobody sells real shares, price stays up

  11. lol, was actually filling my tires earlier with my dad's big rig and we accidentally filled each tire to like 60-70 psi before we realized how powerful that air compressor is

  12. bruh, $800 per share pre split would definitely cause marge to call, that amount of risk is just too large even for their custodian banks

  13. D R S. I’m so excited to be apart of a revolutionary movement that none of my family understands. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe contributing to one cause that billions of people done even see or understand. I love you apes. Let’s go to the moon🚀🚀💎🙏

  14. Only if you have a few days before hand because pube stubble can scratch your partner AND shaving gives you little micro cuts that allow disease to Get in way better! So plan far ahead of you want to or just trim it a bit and don’t full shave

  15. The Chipotle in my area was closed for a good few weeks. When it opened it had a totally new crew and everything. However, they're only open a couple hours a day because "they can't afford to hire people" yet they have a help wanted sign outside. They're also chronically understaffed or out of items. I have a strong feeling that this location tried to unionize and had the boot laid down on them.

  16. Sorry I was having too much fun, can someone direct me to the weekend fud of deleted shares. It just sounds funny and desperate to me.

  17. So I have shares in my IRA and I thought instead of being caught with my pants down with fake shares - I could instead pay it forward by selling covered calls. I cash in premiums. And when the stock pops, the people that bought the calls can exercise option, and then I can let go of my positions while the broker has to find real shares to fill the exercise. Do I have this right? I don't want to just sell and let them off the hook (already DRSd, don't need the extra).

  18. I would like to thank all the Mods and fellow individual investors in the sub. I love you all and appreciate everything you do 🦧

  19. Why are people on ss so scared to say we? lol. The hedge funds have no problem teaming up and fucking the 99% daily yet we aren’t allowed to say “we are DRSing the float” FOH FUD tactics. WE are taking down wallstreet 1 share at a time. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk and fuck you see you Monday

  20. Not sure why you're getting downvotes. The Shills are plentiful tonight it would appear. I Mean Wuts the Plan Here?? They're going to Accuse Retail Investors of Manipulating the Market. Retail Investors from dozens of different Countries, from different walks of life, who speak different languages, have individual motives, reasoning and tolerances for their investments of collaborating and orchestrating such a monumental task? Over A Reddit Board and a few Tweets? Who are the Conspiracy Theorists then? 🤔 Discovery for that case would be Interesting to say the least.. 💎🙌🚀🟣

  21. Corporate media is waiting for a post that uses language like "we" and "us" to hit the top of the sub. There will be dozens of articles and segments on collusion and market manipulation before the day is over.

  22. I agree. But the parasites who run the markets are allowed to do whatever they want. "Rules for thee and not for me." Its bullshit.

  23. Does anyone remember the post describing the network for ETH it’s like an octagon and makes trades faster?

  24. I think there are many who choose not to DRS that simply don't get it. I don't mean that in an insulting way, they just can't conceptualize how moving shares into their own name prevents those shares from being lent to short sellers, and ensures they have a seat at the table.

  25. It’s simple, those who have dismissed all the red flags and still haven’t directly registered their shares are risking their ride on the MOASS ¯\(ツ)/¯

  26. If most of these idiots actually shorting the stock really are blissfully unaware of drs and think they are winning, we are about to pull the ultimate uno reverse card on them and it's going to be glorious.

  27. I think the character is far more interesting than previous iterations. Nolan/Bale had the anger, Reeves/Pattinson show the anger coupled with pain and fear.

  28. Fam. Can we all get one of those Slingshot 3wheel bikes after this? I just saw a bunch of them and thought of our sub. For the highest end model it’s only 35k. I know we are going to do some awesome things with our money, but how cool would it be to have everyone riding around in a slingshot.

  29. Nah. I’ll take an Ariel atom instead. Weighs nothing. Honda k20 motor. From the factory does 0-60 in under 2 second. Build the motor up a bit. It’s a manual transmission, maybe change a couple gears for a higher top end.

  30. Idk if it's so much of a distraction as it is an interesting test of the basket swap theory. Anyone who knows anything about GME knows that it's the one, true Superstonk.

  31. They actually make a ton more money from you buying the used games. Almost any store you buy new from their margins for games are trash. GameStops used market is mostly all profit for GameStop. Somethings they’ll spend resources to refurbish but the sale value is a high profit margin. I’m not sure if they do double points for used but I’m almost certain they have amazing warranties. Basically as long as you bring some substance of what you want replaced in they honor it.

  32. We know what to do. DRS. the rest is in capable hands. Business brings in good money... Then more institutions buy in as well surely. Shorts go KaBlam.

  33. So my desktop reddit which I never log my account into has changed drastically in the last few days. Anyone else have that? And it's superstonk posts galore.... like that's all it is..... posts that I can't see on my logged in feed, anyone else ?🚀🚀🚀

  34. I've been thinking about what to do during MOASS. Hypothetically I sell some or all of my shares and now I have a bank account that looks like coordinates to my itchy butthole.

  35. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/mutuhv/postmoass_an_indepth_examination_of_financial/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  36. Just did password updates across all of my important accounts and it feels nice. Might be a good idea to do if you haven’t in a while, never hurts.

  37. Brokers should have ~125 mil shares for retail at most since all other shares are spoken for and that's including the 60 mil shares in short interest coming from institutions lending out their shares.

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