Can you absorb water through your skin? Could I, in theory, make some sort of osmosis tank and never be dehydrated again (properly filtered and replenished of course)

  1. The answer to your question is No. Biochemist here: Your skin makes you water INSOLUBLE. (I tell my students: otherwise you'd dissolve in the shower!) However, you are soluble to hydrophobic liquids like gasoline, benzene and oil. This is why it is bad to get gasoline on your hands as it "looks" like it is evaporating but it is actually crossing through the layers of your skin in to blood strem. At high enough levels it can kill you and we have seen examples of this happen from time to time. There is a sad story of a researcher (Karen Wetterhahn of Dartmouth) who got a tiny amount of a very poisonous substance on her glove, it penetrated her glove and went through her skin and a few months later she died.

  2. I think about this all the time! Glad I’m not the only one who wants to hydrate by osmosis. Terrible about drinking water, excellent at chillin in it.

  3. No. That would classify you as a plant, not an animal. That’s like saying you can just sit in a pool in the middle of the desert and not die from dehydration. You gonna die if you don’t ingest water into your body.

  4. I ate a salad though, and based on the highly proven scientific theory of “you are what you eat” I am in fact a plant. I’ll update you on the progress.

  5. I read a horrible description of what would happen to say, an arm, if it was submerged in water for too long/forever. It would just become mush. I don’t think the tank is gonna work. Maybe just get a big bottle.

  6. I'm not sure about water, but you can absorb drugs through your skin. It works with melted weed butter actually if the butter is strong

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