I miss Kmart. Yall ever miss Kmart?

  1. When I was a kid, I once went a bit out of my way to step on a large beetle in kmart. And the shell, naturally, crunched and then I felt super bad. I didn’t have to step on it. What if he had a beetle family?

  2. My grandma told me that once when we were walking back to her place from the store, I suddenly tripped and fell down. She asked what happened, and I said there was an ant and I didn't want to step on it in case it has a family. :D

  3. I have a similar experience but with a green worm. I remember exactly how it happened too. I can play it in my mind. Ugh. I was 5 years old but still it haunts me to this day.

  4. Was it just me or did every Kmart smell like burnt rubber? I didn’t go there often but I visited a few before they closed down and they always stunk.

  5. I miss Kmart of the 80's. I loved going there on allowance day and perusing the great toy aisles. I loved the novelty trend area. All the smelly erasers and stickers and $1.50 things to treat yourself with. Like a giant pencil or some sort of troll. OMG at xmas time! It was so exciting. There was shit piled everywhere and it all seemed so cool and glamorous. That one summer when my mom bought me two matching shirt and short sets and I thought they were so cool. Some teal geometric print on white. And when I discovered they looked even cooler as separates! Looking at summer clothes in the ice cold air conditioning. I have very few negative memories of kmart. (Turns and Looks, wistfully, over there)....

  6. People in the blue light special era probably do. People in the “shit, Walmart is closed, guess I’ll go there” era definitely don’t lol.

  7. There is some people who recreated Kmart in VRChat if you are that nostalgic for it. They showcase them in this video -

  8. I briefly worked at Kmart out of high school. At 18 they wanted to put me in the manager program. I said no way, glad I turned that down.

  9. We went after church to a nearby town for pizza ranch and a trip to Kmart once in a while. It closed before I was able to you know get my own personal money and a car. My town used to have an Alcos that also closed around the same time as Kmart.

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