The new health system has killed my drive to play

  1. Me too. I spent 1.1k in may and now they want us to play for free/investing money. They could go to f* themselves.

  2. I get you... It's the same with me... I have one pair and the motivation is gone completely... They want us to buy additional sneakers to keep moving...

  3. Did STEPN just make a new release that makes shoes have a shelf life? If so, where can you find the shelf life of it?

  4. Yeah, it's a meter under your # number. Also, if you tap repair, there's a new option called "restore". That's where you see the exact percentage your "HP" is at.

  5. I was excited about the possibilities of this game, my friend got me into it and I was really enjoying it up until now. It really feels like the devs are now just cashing out, especially with the release of new realms without addressing existing issues. Nothing that's been implemented recently has been for the benefit or enjoyment of the users.

  6. Hi mate, I get the reason for the lack of motivation. My math puts a low comfort sneaker at now losing about 50% of profits, yet still profitable.

  7. I only get about 8 - 10 GST per walk, 6 - 8 minus repair costs. I haven't levelled to 10 yet because I've been halted at the GMT requirement.

  8. I don't want to be hyperbolic, though I can't help but feel a little scammed by all this. This has clearly just shown that the devs never intended it to be a longterm thing. I mean, I'm in a bunch of Gaming subreddits, and they spit the dummy every time there's a nerf of 1% to overall DPS or Healing. StepN Devs aren't just nerfing, they're basically adding a mandatory sub fee to a game you already bought... while also nerfing...

  9. Cause the new system is created to spend more, cause now you'll be like ohh i need more luck I need shoes, then you'll get them and you will be facing the shock that the MB lv1 and 2 are shit sometimes even lv3 so you will think about getting better shoes better gems to get better boxes but you won't be able to do so until you spend a load of money again... only the ones with better shoes benefit from all this new system

  10. Well yeah they want you to spend money, think of stepn like a mobile game. No mobile game lets you get the one early game upgrade and lets you coast to end game without putting extra work in. Not saying that its an ideal system for low spend players but just pointing out that this isn't a new trend in the mobile space.

  11. Decided tonight officially that I won't invest any more Solana into this app. My pullout game will be strong from here on 😂😂

  12. I haven't gone on my daily walk 2 nights in a row because of this, completely lost my motivation to play (I'm also busy atm, but I still would have spared the 10 mins to try and earn a bit of GST...)

  13. Yeah I feel the same. I bought this for money but when I made enough to cover my only pair, I kept it just for exercise motivation (which actually worked for several months) and I got a really healthy routine until this HP shit. The dev is going against everything they promised, at least it should be fun to walk with the shoes.

  14. I was in a similar spot. Had about $1500 tied up in the game. 3 sneakers, all commons, making $2/day. Demoralized. For some reason I dropped in $800 more (about 22 sol at the time). Now I'm making $25/day with mystery boxes and gst.

  15. I understand , the devs really did almost everything they could to kill the game, certainly for new players or players with not too many shoes. Tho I keep on running and walking because of the health purpose, it gives me that extra drive even tho I know I'll never make a decent buck out of it.

  16. At this point, I get more out of Sweatcoin hahaha. It was nice doubling up on them, and playing Pokemon Go. Massive walk motivation. But now if I walk my shoe I know I'm breaking it every time, and eventually it'll be useless :(

  17. Unfortunately to make the game last longer and sustain, the HP system is necessary. Think of it this way.. if you have a lvl 30 shoe and there are no more upgrades, what will you do? You will walk everyday and sell. HP is like a tax. and its a high tax for the people who invested a lot into STEPN. The more GST the shoe makes, the more HP they use up.

  18. It takes 200 days to deplete to zero if your comfort is 6-10. So longer than the most of us play. Who knows what happen. Just play. Or quit if you like! Your choice

  19. Can't do that, only one shoe, and by the time I get enough GST to turn to GMT to level it past 9, the shoe will be dead...

  20. But why did anyone ever think that the game would work without HP? Without it, the tokenomics just don't work.

  21. Even with the HP, it's just spicy repair cost. The exact same problem will rear its head a little further down the line, so this only serves to punish those who don't cough up for more shoes. What they could do instead is find ways to add to the game, instead making it worse to play.

  22. The game was working without HP and wasn't working without HP... HP is a short term thinking idea. You should be able to "play" without stress and for ever, with incentives to pay if you want a bonus. Not if you want to continue playing.

  23. HP is a bad band-aid, they want to make it difficult for people to cash-out and sell their shoes. There are way better mechanics that would make the app fun and make people burn their GST.

  24. These people want token and shoes to go up in value … but don’t understand burn mechanics and tokenamics . Without things like Comfort gems their shoes and gst would rank even quicker … this is just a very small ban-aid that will slow the bleed by alittle .

  25. You'd still be able to keep your shoe if you just continue restoring HP with comfort gems, right? (this is for those who are willing to spend on it)

  26. Here's what I'm gonna do: IGNORE ALL the new BS that's coming out and focus on earning my 100 gst + repairs and HP. At current prices it should net me about $150 per month for walking 50 min per day.

  27. You learned the hard way man many of us went to this path with crypto projects. StepN started great and went 360 degrees of what it was really like. StepN is almost done but on the bright side the "Move To Earn" space is improving with new apps with more capable teams. Prepare an exit strategy, keep moving for free with apps as Strava and don't give money for free to this app.

  28. Well … now all the Bser who said they play this game for fun and not the money … can now truly play with zero monetary benefit.. since you don’t earn Shit anymore 😂

  29. I mean, without the earn aspect it's just a shitty pedometer that costs money to get into, there's no actual game behind it without shoe functionality.

  30. I’m not sure why everyone saying you can play the game anymore … nothing changed … you can equip shoes and go walk or run. Nothing changed except the monitory benefit . Seems everyone was just playing for money lol

  31. By that logic, I can just.. Go for a walk? Use my imagination, or play a different walking app with no earn. If that's what you want, I'd suggest playing Pokemon Go, it's free. (I do, and tbh, it is a decent motivator for a long time)

  32. Lol where do you think that high profit earnings from first quarter came from?, this was sold as Move To Earn and the team marketed this game as it. Paraphrasing what you said, there is no monetary benefit and there is nothing else to gain from this app.

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