Everyone in the group doing a really good job, you deserv a pat on the back!!

  1. You’re the asshole 🤦‍♂️ moderators work hard to maintain this community and your lazy ass is gonna disagree with him??

  2. The real news is that Stardew Valley is number 3. A six year old indie game that last had a content update about 2 years ago. I guess being on XBox game pass has opened it up to new audiences.

  3. There's still quite a bit of energy in the modding scene. PC gaming is so fucking great because games with dedicated communities can keep them alive for so long via mods. So glad PC gaming is thriving right now.

  4. Most lovely game I’ve ever played. My top steamtitle(according hours). And it’s a blast on mobile. Pay2win mobile cash grabs go bury yourself..

  5. Yeah dude, a lot of people still playing, even there is a digital game called Master Duel (which is free) if you wanna try it for yourself!

  6. I think it might have something to do with the creator Kazuki Takahashi passed away last month. There's a lot of people that spend their childhood playing the card game, reading the manga or even exposed to the franchise in other media like ps1 game, anime, etc.

  7. I couldn't stand playing League of Legends because of the amount of toxic asshats. I would have assumed that the sub was full of them too. They must have really good mods if that's not the case. Too bad the game doesn't.

  8. League sub is heavily moderated by people vetted by Riot to reflect Riot's idea of what a subreddit should be. Dissent is culled if not overwhelming.

  9. I play league all of the time and I'd say for everyone toxic you meet, you can easily meet just as many fun and nice people if you just be nice first. But yeah, any competitive game will have those incredibly toxic people

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