Even his origin story would be a good one to tell

  1. “Kids when I was teenager I got into a superhero civil war we fought at airport in Germany… when I got back I fought a giant bird man who was selling alien weapons, then I went to space and fought a space grimace, I also died”

  2. Seriously. Peter is confirmed street level now, home boy is about to be working with blind superheroes fighting obese crime lords with an alien living on him before eventually time traveling to fight a man born in 3000 and fighting Doom in an alternate universe born from the near-death experience of their own.

  3. Problem with SECRET wars is that it is SECRET. In the first (1984) and second (1985) one, the participants swore an oath to not speak, and in the third (2004?) and fourth (2015) ones they were mind-wiped (I think, I haven't read the 2015 one yet).

  4. I doubt it. Feige seems like the type of person who would give Peter kids. I mean, this is the guy who gave Iron Man a kid, and he didn't have one in the comics.

  5. Valid for every spider guy. Raimi spider taking a day tô Tell his children about the one time he had to stop a artificial miniature Sun from eating the city

  6. I remember reading a My Hero fanfic a while back where a cop sketches out Peter's memories to prove what he says is real, the guy becomes so inspired he starts selling it as manga because it makes for a good story

  7. Ngl i would love to see MCU Peter having an end like Life story Peter, old, his children have powers, Miles becoming the main Spider-Man or in the Future we could have Mayday too

  8. His teen kids: “hey dad, how was life when you were our age?” Spiderman: “Well I fought in like 3 different wars and met 2 other versions of me while continuously fighting villains from other dimensions with my friend who was like a father and he sadly died sacrificing himself for an Eternal who can snap a whole civilization out of existence while trying to keep my superhero life undercover at school to keep my social life but my best friend, girlfriend, aunt, and Happy found out, but I was fine with that because they kept it a secret. Oh, and before I met with the other two versions of me that’s when EVERYBODY found out I was Spider-Man do this guy named strange, well doctor strange or just Stephen made a spell to make it so no one knew I was Spider-Man but I still wanted the original people who knew to know I was Spider-Man and that made me break the spell and that’s when the other me’s came from their universes and other villains from other universes came over too but we still beat them. Sad ending though, I wanted Strange to make a spell to make it so everyone forgot about me If that was the way to make everyone go back to their universes so I was technically alone since not even the people I was close to knew who I was anymore. Anyways, that’s pretty much my story!”

  9. I hope we don’t see the MCU origin. Just like with Bruce Wayne’s parents getting killed I’m tired of seeing him get bit by a radioactive spider

  10. If we're just talking about live action movies we've literally only seen his origin twice (not counting the Hammond movie which most people haven't even watched).

  11. Hahaha! You think marvel would ever let that happen 🤣 unfortunately Peter is to remain a broken man until Marvel inevitably goes bankrupt

  12. Not MCU Peter tho, outside the comics there's no status quo so he can either die or end up having kids with MJ and letting someone else be the main Spider person

  13. You don't think the spider-man from the actual comics has those stories and several decades of stories more to tell them? Like those movies weren't based on those comics in any way. Wtf do you think spider-man has been doing in the comics the whole damn time.

  14. If they follow the spiderman comics he definitely won’t have kids, MJ will marry someone else and have kids with them, and Peter will still be broke, alone, and miserable.

  15. Marvel is legally obligated to make sure that Peter is never happy in a mainline continuity. This makes it physically impossible for him to have children or at least a healthy relationship with them

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