He apologised!

  1. Hes nott sorry he took it. He’s just sorry he got caught. The internet is so quick to cancel someone for shit they said 10 years ago, but this guy literally stole something a week ago and bragged about, where’s his cancellation?

  2. So if someone stole something that was unique and specifically made for you and they apologised does that really make up for it? Doesn’t for me but good him I guess….

  3. Yeah but to do it in the first place & be stupid enough to publicise it on tiktok just makes him look so stupid

  4. Nah F the the apology cancel him, why would he do that ... for negative clout?? He deserves every single hate he receives.

  5. Dude he apologized, shared screenshots to assure he has apologized behind the scenes and made up for it, and deleted the tiktok. These young guys that are just trying to stay relevant on YouTube make very very bad decisions sometimes but at least he was genuinely sorry

  6. Mini minter gave Speed some Yeezy football boots, but this guy nicked one and then posted about it for clout. His apology seems sincere though.

  7. He is so unfunny man he finds one funny joke and sees that people like it so he keeps repeating it again and again and makes like 6 tiktoks about the same thing (like the ashkaash joke) his jokes are so repetitive and boring now

  8. His jokes are absurdly repetitive. He posts a vid on his tiktok every once in a while to comment on his post then deleting it. Asking his followers to follow his IG then he’ll follow back. Call me a hater but damn its been 4+ months and nothing has changed to him. He also just rides with the trend like a true npc

  9. Man stfu u guys are weird if they don't apologise u hate if they apologise u still hate just shut up it's not that deep

  10. He said he sent back the shoes before simon even did his video so then it would have been before the consequences

  11. he stole one of speed’s custom made boots that miniminter made speed and then proceeded to make a tiktok about it. has since apologised and sent the shoe back

  12. Tbf to him he sent the boots off to speed before Simon published the video. The clout game is very dangerous and he was a victim imo.

  13. Tbh he did it cos he was dumb & thought it would make him rated. The way speed & sidemen & miniminter fans came for him in the last 3 days is mad

  14. Well it wasn't about being caught, it's just that he thought he did something big, but actually it was an act of tomfoolery.

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