Where the bag holders at ?? 😁😁

  1. Former EVFM baggy here…left them months ago. Flat out, management is incompetent and has always been. Recent pumps were due to Roe v. Wade and folks started screaming manipulation when the price stopped climbing. Nothing changed with man agent…they still burn cash like nobodies business…terrible management and Sandra is an narcissistic CEO

  2. They received a notice of delisting, which means they have (I think) 6 months to get the stock price up. That will probably cause a reverse split to reduce the number of shares so the price goes higher. However, normally a reverse split will again lower the prices. For example, if a company's stock is at 50 cents and they do a 10:1 reverse split, the new stock price (without a change in market cap) would be $5, but it usually is lower and thus the market cap drops.

  3. Ouch. My condolences...what happened? Looked like they were reporting good growth in their prescriptions.

  4. If you’re right then, bag holder here I got in took a vacay w the fam about a month ago. I came back and it had dropped so I’ve been chasing ever since.. 😂 if reverse is true then gonna give another day put a stop in and if nothing rip the bandaid off and cut my losses ouch

  5. If everyone just buys and holds gme and amc/all the stocks on the same algorithm, we would all make money but no.. you got people chasing garbage pumps. When a stock goes up if you really think that's retail, you are indeed doomed.

  6. Bought 2k at .48. Dumped all but 100. It’s $48 so no big deal. They’re keeping the ticker and If it comes back then we will see what happens. Next earnings report should be great so Not stressing it

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