Should I spend 200$ more in shiba today?

  1. Cash out your 401k bro, get a second mortgage on your house broski, take out a title loan on your car broseidon, maybe even take out a few Payday loans brocephus.

  2. What you should do instead is put $100 in new working boots and the other $100 in your car tank, then drive to work.

  3. Why only hodl meme coins? Check out #FEG. This coins utility and future worth is only going to get bigger. Compare it to shib or dogelon ( i hodl both btw) and the ability for growth is going to be cool to watch. For 200 bucks you would be holding billions of FEG. Worth Dyor for.

  4. Nah, you guys should check Puli Inu out. The project is led by a combat veteran and is on a journey to get listed on Safemoon Exchange. First Inu coin to achieve this.

  5. Oh, I guess this is my cue. These type of insecure questions make me feel sick in my stomach. You're clearly fishing for karma, and there's too many fishermen like you around here.

  6. I would say no. It's at 32 as of writing. Wait for it to drop back to 25 or lower again and then do it. If you want to of course lol

  7. You people took his bait 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣 He got responses which is way cool 😎 Personally, I would wait due to war coming on. But knowing me, I would buy the dip 👍

  8. I am going to keep holding my bag, but not adding a whole lot. Time to diversify a little. Any other good projects out there. I keep seeing posts about Jacy and RBIF, any thoughts on ether of these?

  9. I think you should buy shiba... Sell everything you have fuck 200 bucks worth... Since its my decision. Also when you do buy... And later proof or ban. Now get all your shit on the lawn right now and make shib pump to $6 dollars.

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