Nice, another good reason to buy low , and hold.

  1. My mom wrote it and she thinks I’m kind of a big deal. I’m 6’4, 408lbs and can’t get out of her basement so blah 😒 I physically can’t so send help.

  2. And that article title is based on the subtitle: "Shiba Inu's spokesperson says Microsoft's recent acquisition mirrors the vision of SHIB developers"

  3. Didn’t Shiba hire ex VP of activision David. Then the new president or whatever, has allegation’s and may be fired. Game tokens for Microsoft or boundless metaverse capabilities. Lol load up


  5. I hold shib and like it, but i cant see a link between shib and microsoft. Just because shib is in games and Microsoft bought a gaming company it doesnt mean theese two are connected.

  6. True, and I won't be surprised if all these thirsty youtubers use that idea as click bait. On another note, I wonder what Motley the FOOL, has to say now! 😆

  7. No not at all...the only one benefiting from the deal is XBOX they're probably gonna have COD exclusives 😅

  8. This aint got nothing to do with crypto. Don't even know why your posting an article written by a bunch of ass clowns

  9. If you think a big company like Microsoft is going to work with a tiny etc-20 token whose developers and creators don’t even use their real names, you’re dumb. Ban me if you’d like. I’ve been owning for over a year but this is just absurd. Take this down pls. Matter of fact. Forget it. Selling this dying coin.

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