After 8 months of supporting the community. I mentioned that the earnings on shibaswap was trash, and the LP providers should be rewarded for keeping the project afloat and got banned.

  1. Same. Took most of my Shib elsewhere because of it, as well as frustration with sideways and down price action. F it

  2. My reward for burying bone for about 2 months is quite discouraging. By the way, the shibarmy mods are a bunch of tin-pot dictators.

  3. This is what people are starting to realize. Worst yet, you have to wait to collect your earnings in the same time increments as you earned it. Meaning, the 6 months you earned your rewards, will take another 6 months to disperse.

  4. Post this. Better yet learn it then wright it up without smoking an 8th of the finest bud first. Its my rough draft lol. But the videos speak for themselves.

  5. That shit happen to me. Even on their discord literally added them and an hour later got permanently banned for posting about kraken and they were saying I was shilling.

  6. I took everthing out of shibaswap and putted it in binance . In matter weeks ill do what i had done in months. . 🤷‍♂️

  7. SS is currently shit. The swap makes no mention of paying twice to stake, they do not clearly state that staking shib will earn you bone, their rates for staking shib are shit, their rewards delivery times are shit. Then you have to pay twice more to unstake. I had it with them and pulled out all my shib from that shit swap and staked it elsewhere.

  8. I asked about baby Shiba cause I saw articles about it and wanted to know if was a copycat or part of the same community like leash and bone and was banned. They are mental on that page

  9. I purchased a few billion of that baby Doge style coin you mentioned because I wanted to diversify my “to the moon” portfolio. My “feet on the ground” portfolio has your main 3 coins.

  10. I've found on these subs that if you aren't pumping peoples egos and talking good about something they ban you. There is no free speech here.

  11. This is what an echo chamber is. Only follow the hype posts, only trust the hype posts, the group is right, you’re not. Group think is the only allowed mindset. Don’t question the tech or developers. We ArE ShIb!?!?!?!?!?

  12. I haven't been on the shib army subreddit as much. But showing a concern about a coin shouldn't be a reason to get banned. If there is no real incentive to do anything with the coin it will eventually decline and go head first into the dirt eventually.

  13. What is the freaking bottom for this annoying coin ? All it’s done for past 3 months , is just trap the bulls. ,, look at the chart. It runs up ,, the then rug pull ,, over and over again. Good news , bad news , it don’t matter. Rug pull every 2 weeks. This is quite annoying. I think the founders and early investors are manipulating this sooo bad, cause they have a tons and tons to sell off ,, and even at this price it’s 1 Mill X what they paid for it.

  14. I believe you are exactly correct, and substitute any coin into the machine and it does the same thing. Whales will always sell off higher and by the recurring dips while the retail guys hold onto their bags for dear life.

  15. A lot of the crypto subreddits are run by total wankers They feel offended at everything and anything These pussies should be banned from moderating

  16. That's kinda funny cause I seen a post of people crying cause they haven't gotten there earnings sense October on that page. And not to mention I left that group by myself cause they over hype an post more fake news then is posted on this one.

  17. So I think the Karma thing it to make it so a bunch of bots don’t come in fresh off day one and start spamming. I had my account for a while too and I had to make karma else where before I could post as well.

  18. Been telling ya'll this is a ponzi scheme and those mods are trying to control the messaging preventing supporters such as yourself from sharing the real perspective.

  19. I got mine yesterday also. Seems it happened a lot. Someone may have been having a bad day. Never been discharged from an Army before.

  20. It's not a big deal it's social media. You get over it. Shouldn't really be an issue unless you let it get to you as it seems it did a bit.

  21. This is why I stake my shib on crypto . com no hassle fairly simple, even despite the latest hack my funds are still there. Would rather deal with them then the eth ecosystem and all the fees

  22. This happened to doge, they turn into a bunch of bitter fucks because they didn't make millions yet and if you mention anything negative they think your comment alone will bring down the whole coin. That's exactly why they aren't winning in the crypto/stock game. No room here for feelings.

  23. NO FuD is NO FUD this would have been fine phrase it in a more optomistic way but as negitive thoughout you can understand . we all want high ROI what is the % dont u get eth aswell better that being sat in a bank or on an exchange though as the price rises this would look better no

  24. It's not Fud my friend. The problem is, as people begin to see their rewards, they WILL start to complain, and some might actually throw shade on the project. The Devs need to get ahead of this before it derails the trust people had in the project. The LP providers made it so that this project was successful, and they are beginning to complain about the rewards. Mark my words... This will end badly if not addressed.

  25. Hey guys i was almost banned for talking about shitaswap rewards too but i will give the mod on discord credit where credit is due. The mod warned me 2 times and then said one more time your out. Sorry if you didnt get the same treatment but be real here if your being a neg person then we dont need you anyways. If your going to sell because your pride got hurt… your not a good investor… your an emotional person who uses those emotions to make your decisions! Its called immaturity and maybe one day youll grow a pair and call yourselves men and get over your shit and stop trying to bring others down. If you have a problem and want to cry about go to your mommies because we dont have room for you in the SHIBARMY. The weak will always falter!

  26. What a condescending rant. So anything "negative" should be censored? Wow. So you don't want the entire picture, only information that makes you believe that all is well?? THAT is called immaturity. No one forces you to read what anyone says. The OP did his due diligence which makes him/her STRONG. The WEAK pay attention only to what makes them feel good about whatever it is they are doing (in this case "investing" in Shib). What you are doing is basically what you probably did in elementary school.......sticking your fingers in your ears and chanting "na, ana, na, na" so as not to hear what you don't want to hear.

  27. The weak ones are the ones still holding onto this coin and expecting it to moon. Acting like a gambling addict or those people that think “this next $10 scratch off ticket is the one!!!” Only to have it keep plummeting and plummeting. OP brings up an excellent point, you do not. If people are seeing low returns on their staked crypto they will inevitably look into putting it elsewhere or choose a different coin entirely.

  28. Lmao because you had such a small amount staked. No one with real money tied up wants to read your garbage complaints 🤣🤣🤣

  29. you are right, 174milShib in the LP and 48MIL in two separate pairs isn't much. I'm glad I didn't put everything in because I'm left with 32MIL shib/500bone LP and 12Mil Shib/80bone. I have to wait for bone to hit close to $10 to recoup gains. I'm still holding but, my Vsshole hurts. all while the rest of my Shib on Binance and my ledger bleed.

  30. True . Lot of innocents are getting scammed & when you report the ADIM Are involved . They just BAN YOU FOR Bein a LAW ABODING CITIZEN. 👍

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